Surprise your dad in the Father’s Day It is not always an easy task. The key to being able to give it a gift that you really like and value is to think about your hobbies and passions, and thus find the perfect gift according to your personality. And if your father is lover of cars, speed and pure adrenaline, for sure you will love the gifts specials that we show you below:

1. Cup tire tower

It is fun and useful, it has enough capacity for a good morning coffee to start the day. Its super large handle allows you a comfortable grip and its original design resembles stacked tires.

2. LED lamp with 3D printing


It has a useful life of 10,000 hours with LED bulbs of low consumption. It is safe to touch because it does not overheat. It does tricks for your eyes, it is a light guide glass plate with 8 changing color modes.

3. Cup Holder of sylicon


Made with silicone high quality, designed as sports mats for cars that can accommodate large or small drinks. Protect all your furniture from condensation and humidity.

4. Set of Salt and pepper Vintage


Individually crafted in cold-cast resin with glass salt and pepper shakers. Allows you to relive the old days of classic cars with this gas pump station design.

5. Cufflinks for shirt with gear lever


They are handmade with high quality materials and have an approximate diameter of 17 mm. Its design is inspired by a gear leverThey also come in a luxury gift box.

6. Socks Clutch


These fun socks are made with 75% cotton and 25% spandex, they adapt to all sizes. You can align them perfectly with the pedals of your manual car and offer you comfort every time you use them.

7. Key chain with mini shift lever

It is a creative keychain with a miniature design, made from a high-grade polished chrome alloy, assembled into life-size primary parts. Its design is creative, exquisite and elegant.

8. Thermos in the form of tires

Made with material strong and durable, its structure is insulating, stainless steel interior and plastic exterior. Its design is amazing and attractive, based on stacked tires.

9. Support for Pens


This organizer has an original design inspired by a stack of tires. It is the element perfect to order all pencils, pens and markers on your desk.