A simple but essential accessory when renovating your kitchen.

The handles for cabinets are the finishing touches on all kitchen, regardless if they have traditional, minimalist or contemporary designs. But it is important that when you start the search for these wardrobe handles, you pay special attention to the type of material with which they are made. So here we present 9 options that ensure durability and allow you renew the look from your home without spending a lot of money.

1. Straight handle universal

It is a cabinet handle with a satin nickel finish it is 5 inches long with a 3 inch hole center. This allows it to fit most cabinets, making it a good choice when designing or remodeling your kitchen. Package includes two size mounting screws.

2. Nickel lever polished

It is a kit for cabinets with a satin nickel lever and a European design that combine wonderfully with household appliances. steel and chrome that are in your kitchen. It is a piece with a 3-inch center hole and a total length of 5 3/8 inches that includes screws for easy mounting.

3. Round knob worn looking

It is a round design wardrobe knob that is made of a durable and tough material with satin nickel, offering a bold, elegant and attractive finish that enhances your kitchen and gives it a homey look. The package comes with two screw sizes for easy installation.

4. Bronze handles crescent

This set of 10 handles designed with oiled bronze material, have a sturdy and beautiful finish that gives a traditional look to any closet, drawer, door or shelf in your kitchen. Includes one-inch accessories for quick and easy mounting.

5. Handles with iron finish

They are 3-inch handles that are made of satin nickel and an iron finish with small pewter accents. Its classic style offers a timeless elegance to any kitchen, since it revitalizes its decoration. Includes 10 pieces with standard mounting hardware for mounting.

6. Curved handles Plated

With these handles you can easily and quickly add a personal touch to the decoration and appearance of your kitchen, since its classic design with cast zinc and with a length of 4 inches, perfectly combines with your appliances and guarantees a long durability . Package includes 10 pieces with screws for installation.

7. Circular knobs of Cristal

They are 10 knobs made of glass with a height of 1 inch and a base of polished chrome alloy. In addition, its transparent diamond-shaped cut is ideal to provide a bright and elegant look to your kitchen spaces. Include 10 screws to install.

8. Bow handle traditional

It is a traditional bow wardrobe handle made of durable zinc alloy and hand finished which guarantees a uniform appearance in the design of any kitchen. It has a pull length and a 4-inch center hole to facilitate installation in most cabinets with the help of mounting screws.

9. Rectangular handle golden

Satin gold colored handle that offers a classic and solid look to any space in your kitchen, bathroom or office. It is a pack with 5 handles 5-inch length including short or long mounting screws for doors and drawers.