An accessory to take care of your health while maintaining your style.

Are you looking for some sunglasses that protect your eyes but at the same time give you a striking appearance? So what you need is one of the models that we show you below, which offer you protection against lightning UV and a modern style that you can combine with your everyday outfits.

1. SUNGAIT: Polarized sunglasses with UV protection


Dark glasses with UV protection to withstand sunlight. Made of metal and rectangular. They are highly resistant and their casual style allows you to use them at all times.

2. Flux: Unbreakable Frame Lenses

Sunglasses with crystals polarized, which offer safer protection from sunlight. They have an ideal sports design to use on weekends.

3. Basik Eyewear: Dark glasses with retro design


Dark glasses with UV protection, which stands out for its retro style in black. It has a resistant plastic frame and its measurements are 145 mm wide, 50 mm high and 17 mm bridge.

4. SOJOS: Aviator glasses with UV protection

Sunglasses that stand out for their classic aviator design, as well as their characteristic UV400 protection, which allows to block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. It has a 30-day guarantee.

5. Merry’s: Polarized sunglasses for driving

Dark and polarized sunglasses, made with metal frame. It has a width of 61 mm. The structure of the product is suitable for any type of face, as well as being ideal to wear when driving.

6. DUCO: Dark glasses for men


Dark glasses model polarized with specialized design for men’s use. This product is 100% imported and has high UV400 protection, thus blocking UVA, UVB rays and up to 400 nanometers of radiation. Light alloy structure, ideal for use during any type of physical activity.

7. HOYEE EYES: Polarized sunglasses with unbreakable Tr90 frame

Polarized design sunglasses. Model made with plastic frame and UV protection. Its measurements are 4 cm wide, 40 mm high and 128 mm arm.

8. MOFLYOM: Strong and durable frame lenses

Dark glasses with metal frame. Made of resistant and long-lasting material. This model stands out for its attractive classic black color and UV protection that will allow you to use them under sunlight.

9. TJUTR: Vintage Style Polarized Sunglasses For Women


Polarized sunglasses, designed for women’s use. These lenses feature UV400 protection in an attractive vintage style round, which is trending. Practical and long-lasting product.