To be a great artist, you have to start practicing from a young age.

The blackboards They never go out of style, as they are versatile accessories that work in all contexts and can be used for didactic, educational, informative and artistic activities. And is that in addition to being a toy fun for little ones, it is an instrument that helps them develop their cognitive skills. So do not wait any longer and take advantage of this list that we prepare with the best magnetic boards which help stimulate creativity of your son.

1. NextX: Magnetic board with stamps

This magnetic board is designed with bright colors bring drawings to life, among which are green, blue, yellow and red. Comes with stamps, seals, and attached pencil.

Just gently slide the eraser across the page to kick off a colorful new adventure. It is certainly a great way to encourage creativity while visually expressing yourself. drawing, writing and scribbling.

2. Joyin: Set of magnetic boards with stamps

This set includes a large 12 by 15 inch board and a 6 by 5 inch mini board, both pieces have an attached pencil and a easy glide eraser.

It also comes with 3 stamps in the shape of a triangle, square and circle to expand the availability of drawings and explore creativity. It is a good gift for a birthday, Christmas or special parties.

3. Soniki: Magnetic and water board set

It is a set that comes with a magnetic board with 4 colors in the drawing area, and with a water mat to use with the magic pen. This creative set includes stamps in different shapes and an eraser.

It is ideal for children 3 years and up develop your creativity, imagination and artistic talent. There is no doubt that it is a good way to say goodbye to crayons, markers and colored pencils.

4. Boley: Set of 24 magnetic boards

Set of 24 mini magnetic boards designed with resistant plastic compounds with rounded edges and a practical handle to hang or take anywhere. Each piece includes a pencil.

It is a way for your child to pass endless hours of fun creating unique scenes drawn from your own imagination; Furthermore, they function as an educational set to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

5. Drawing: Multicolor magnetic board

Magnetic board made with ABS material no toxic with rounded and curved edges. Its design shows 4 colors in 8 different areas for a greater variety in the drawings. Includes pencil and eraser.

For children from 3 to 6 years old discover your own creativity, while learning the numbers, the alphabet and the colors. Without forgetting that it is practical to use in the game room, kitchen and even to take in the car.

6. Chilartalent: Magnetic board with numbers and letters

This magnetic drawing board is designed with ABS material that maintains a high safety standard, and with smooth edges to avoid hand injuries. It also provides 4 colors in the area, each in its own box.

It is a way to keep clothing and walls clean from crayon stains and markers. In addition, children can learn to draw and write, while develops your coordination and creativity.

7. LotFancy: Board with 4 templates

It is a magnetic drawing board that offers 4 zones of attractive and striking tones for children to increase the color cognition. This model includes 3 stamps, 4 templates with different figures, drawing pencil and eraser.

Your presentation with a sliding eraser It helps to remove the drawings with a single movement, so that your child can create new designs instantly without you having to buy new materials.

8. Kicko: Set of 3 magnetic boards

These magnetic pieces measuring 10 by 7 inches, are made with non-harmful material and designed with rounded edges and carrying handle. Each has a pencil and a sliding eraser.

They are blackboards that can be used in board games, recreational activities, parties and even for school, so that children develop your imagination and show off your artistic talents whenever you want.

9. Sgile: Board with geometric stamps

Magnetic drawing board with a design that shows 4 vivid colors in 8 different areas for arouse the child’s interest. It comes with 3 geometric stamps, a sliding eraser, and a pen attached to the board.

It is a piece that has a lightweight construction with a handle so that children can transport it, so that they demonstrate their artistic ability and have fun wherever they go.