A practical and simple way to protect your documents.

At the time of travel, our passport It is the most important document and that we must always carry with us. It is our identification in the countries we visit and it is what allows us to mobilize without problems. As with our ID or our credit cards, it is always important to keep it in the best conditions; and that is why this time we will show you the best protective covers What you must have for your passport on your next trip:

1. GDTK: Protective leather case

Made of leather and with a resistant design, this case has a front engraving with the design of the United States passports. It has internal compartments to store your cards and documents and has RFID blocking for your security.

2. Pascacoo: Document organizer with garter clasp

It is a passport protective case and document organizer that allows you to have your money, passage, passport and cards all in one place. It is available in a wide range of colors and is the perfect size to carry it in your wallet or pocket.

3. Watruer: Classic leather case

With a classic and simple design, this case allows you to protect your passport, your cards, ID and even has a compartment for cell phone chips. It is the ideal accessory to enjoy your trip without worries.

4. Pinaken: Hand painted protective case

This colorful cover is made of resistant textile materials that allow you to keep your passport and your boarding pass. It is available in a wide range of original models with which you will never again confuse your passport with that of your partner.

5. Borgaset: Leather case with snap closure

This case has internal compartments to keep your cards, cash, boarding pass and passport. It also has an RFID blocking system to keep your identity safe at all times.

6. ACDream: RFID Blocking Case

Document organizer with internal compartments for cards, passport, cash, boarding pass and slots for chips and memory cards. It has an elastic strap that allows you close it securely.

7. Kandouren: Protective cover with world map

Case made of ecological leather with world map engraving on the outside. It has an RFID security system and internal compartments for your documents. You may use it as a wallet while you are not traveling.

8. EpicGadget: Cover with floral design

Protective cover with floral print with internal compartments for documents, passport and identification. Is available in various designs and colors to combine with your wallet or even luggage.

9. Lovie Style: Zippered cover

Protective document cover with zip closure resistant to keep your documents protected inside. It has internal compartments to store your documents and you can use it as a wallet when you are not on the go.