When a healthy diet is combined with exercise, shakes are a much-needed source for building and maintaining muscle mass. They also help you with your weight loss goals.

If you are in the process of losing weight, you know that food and supplements are a very important part of achieving it. Smoothies are the recipe for success to reduce body fat, while feeding you a lot variety of vitamins and nutrients. With the help of smoothies the daily diet becomes much simpler and makes it easier for you to lose weight more effectively. Check out some options below that can be very affordable for your budget.

1. Smoothie – Amazing Grass Organic:

Although they come in powder you only need to mix it with water to make it rich Green smoothie. This brand grows its ingredients and has a large portion of wheat grass and chlorophyll. It will help you lose weight, protect your immune system and give your body a detox.

Its price is very affordable and for the antioxidant vegetables you drink in each drink, it is worth trying. Lasts about 60 servings.

2. Sunfood mix Superfood Smoothie:

There is no need to drink bad tasting shakes in order to lose weight. This protein powder It is packed with nutrients, and comes with a rich fruit flavor.

Sprouted brown rice protein and chia seed powder are a natural source of highly absorbable protein. Cacao, Maqui, Açaí, Camu Camu and Goji Berry powders add a rich flavor and make this blend an excellent source of iron and vitamin C. Lucuma, vanilla and banana powder add fiber to this blend. An added benefit it has is that it adds an energy boost to your day.

3. Smoothie BodyBrite Superfood:

Organic powder for smoothies, consisting of alfalfa leaf, wheat, barley, broccoli, beets, acai, maca, mangoes and papaya. It can be diluted in water and mixed with fruit.

4. Protein powder Garden of Life Organic:

This protein powder is a plant base, designed to burn fat naturally and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. In addition, it increases energy and contributes to the increase of muscle mass. Perfect if you are vegan since all its ingredients are organic and natural.

It comes in different sizes and flavors, including classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla. It is among the TOP 10 best sellers on Amazon.

5. Whey protein 100% Whey:

Protein shake of whey, glutamine, BCAA, ingredients that provide energy and nutrients to the body. You can find it in more than twenty different flavors. It is designed for both women and men.

You can consume this protein concentrate before or after subjecting the body to an exercise routine, since it helps to recover muscles and gain muscle mass. It is among the TOP 45 best sellers in Amazon within its category.

6. Protein powder for smoothies – Myprotein:

Low fat and carbohydrate product to lose weight. 80% of content per serving is protein. This supplement contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Is a Protein shake recommended by AmazonChoice s Choice for its high quality and good price. It is a product that you can take before or after training and that you can combine with fruits.

7. Cute Nutrition – special smoothie for women:

Unfortunately women can find it harder to lose weight than men. This smoothie it is for women only it is low in sugar, fat and contains very few calories per serving. It has a mixture of vitamins and essential minerals that promote healthy metabolism, fat loss and improve well-being. Remember that you must run 30 minutes, do pilates or swim, they are exercises that should complement your diet.

By drinking this smoothie you feel immediately satisfied. Mix with water or almond or coconut milk, shake and baby. Buyers love the taste and leaves them full for a long time.

8. Whey Protein – YES YOU CAN !:

This product YES YOU CAN! helps control your appetite between meals. Each serving contains 15g of quality protein, to help you maintain or lose weight, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

This product is the best based on its reviews, one of its users expressed that it is “The best flavor protein and low in calories” It is a very efficient supplement when it comes to losing weight.

9. Smoothie Garden of Life:

Milkshake with 44 superfoods, 5 grams of fiber, probiotics, enzymes, plus 21 vitamins and minerals and with less than 1 gram of sugar. Fiber will help you eliminate what your body does not need and probiotics will protect your stomach. It is a great alternative to drink this shake every day and replace it with a meal, remember to accompany it with moderate exercise.

It is an organic, gluten-free, kosher, vegan and soy-free product. It reaches more than 7000 sales, its buyers have lost weight and feel full for up to 6 hours.