Enjoy a night of relaxation and deep sleep.

It has happened to all of us that after a long and exhausting day at bedtime it is very difficult for us to reconcile dream, despite the tiredness we might feel. The reason for this lies in stress, and in those cases there is nothing better than resorting to music for the calming effect it produces on our senses. That is why we recommend the following sound players and White noise so you sleep soundly.

1. Marpac: player with two speeds

It is a player whose voltage is 120v, making it ideal for home use. Comes with a 101 night trial version and 1 year warranty. Its motor is double speed, it also gives you a personalized sound since it allows you a volume control and a fully adjustable t

2. ArtNaturals: player and diffuser

It is multipurpose since it is both a player and a oil diffuser, giving you two types of therapy: music therapy and aromatherapy. As a diffuser it gives you a natural aroma and as a player it offers 6 natural sounds along with 7 LED colors. It also gives you white noise that blocks out irritating ambient noises.

3. Marpac: player with noise mask

This player will offers a noise mask, allowing you to cancel the noises that may disturb or distract you, thus improving your sleep or concentration; 3 sound options: bright white noise, strong white noise, and gentle surf; and included USB cable for recharging.

4. Marpac: player with 16 sounds

Eliminate background noise And it gives you 16 sound options, white noise, timer options and robust volume control. It is a compact but powerful player.

5. SNOOZ: player with night light

Friendly design, gives you White noise no real fan loops (without the cold air), fully adjustable tone and volume (10 settings) for babies, kids, adults, and even pets; remote control, programmable automatic on / off timer and night light.

6. Adaptive Sound Technologies: player with fans

With this player you will have ten fan sounds and ten variations of noise environmental, including white noise, pink noise, and brown noise. Plus, it helps you mask disturbing ambient noises so you or your little one can sleep easily.

7. Mesqool: player with automatic shutdown timer

Gives you 8 relaxing sounds Digitally recorded such as white noise, fan, midnight surf, dream rain, snow stream, summer night, thunder storm and dream forest. It can be powered by 3 AA batteries and last more than 48 hours of playback. It has dual USB ports.

8. Adaptive Sound Technologies: player with adaptive sound

his player provides you 30 sound environments rich, non-repeating surrounds, adaptive sound that listens to your surroundings and responds, optional sleep timer that gently reduces volume, front panel lighting, and 3.5mm audio jack for use with your own headphones or speakers.

9. AVANTEK: player with relaxing sounds without loop

Compact and portable offers you 20 soft sounds, 6 types of white noise, 6 fan sounds and 8 nature sounds, wide range of volumes with 30 levels for you to choose from, and timer and memory functions. Includes a power adapter and USB cable.