Colorful, original, feminine … perfect for spring.

In the season of spring It is important that we make certain changes in our wardrobe that help us dress according to the new climate and our plans. That is why the brand Unequal It is a favorite for that time of year. His daring collections, colorful and original They will help you not go unnoticed this season. Take a look at these garments and choose the ideal complement for your spring outfit.

1. Uneven: Nature inspired scarf

It is a scarf made with polyester, a lightweight fabric which is cool for the warmer moments of the day. Its patterned design is inspired by nature, making it a pop of color perfect for spring.

It is an ideal accessory to use with different shades of pants and blouses. However, the best choice is to combine it with dark jeans or shorts to contrast and create the desired look.

2. Uneven: Loose fit blouse

It is a polyester and elastane blouse, a thin and warm material that is breathable and soft on contact with the skin. It comes with a loose fit design and short sleeves that match a colorful floral print.

It is a season where you should dress as relaxed as possible, and you achieve this with light tones that give a fresh sensation and pay homage to a warm climate, but without neglecting the fact that It will make you look elegant and comfortable.

3. Uneven: Short sleeveless dress

Short dress made of polyester material and with a layer of chiffon. It is a sleeveless model with a cut above the knees that contrasts with very colorful floral prints.

The prints on the top are ideal if you are a tall person, as it makes your figure look more stylized and go well with the spring season; But also, its design keeps you cool when the weather starts to heat up.

4. Uneven: V-neck maxi dress

This long dress with a sleeveless cut and V neck is made with viscose material. It is a cool and comfortable option for hot days, since helps regulate body temperature.

It is a garment with a floral print, details that give it a delicate air and add a special touch. Similarly, its beach style can be combined with flat sandals, which is perfect if you are a person of high or medium height.

5. Uneven: Tropical print wallet

This tropical print wallet is made of polyester, cotton and metallic fibers. resistant materials contrasting with its wristband, removable interior and zip. Its dimensions are 50 by 32 centimeters.

If you are one of those who likes fun and original designs, this garment sure fits with you. Don’t forget that this season you should focus on the bright colors so that you give a little style to your outfit.

6. Uneven: Long skirt with floral print

It is a long skirt made of viscous material that comes with floral prints in different shades of blue and white. It has an ankle-length drop with a front opening and adjusts at the waist with an elastic closure.

Spring fashion tends to adapt to hot days, so their clothes tend to show more skin. These are details that you should make the most of so that stay fresh and stand out wherever you go.

7. Uneven: Fisherman pants

It is a fisherman pants made with cotton, polyester and elastane, materials that adapt to the body shape comfortably. Its fitted zipper design comes with prints in different shades.

With the arrival of spring the garments are full of shineSo in your wardrobe you can not miss simple but very colorful pants that you can combine with neutral tones and that will remain fashionable in any season of the year.

8. Uneven: Belt with embroidered buckle

This polyurethane belt has a buckle with a pattern embroidered with flowers of bright colors. In addition, you can adjust and adapt it comfortably to the size you want.

Belts are a perfect accessory If you want to add structure to your figure without using a sash. You can use them if you are wearing tunics, loose blouses or some other loose garment.

9. Uneven: Short skirt with print

It is a cotton and elastane skirt with a cut above the knees that fits comfortably at the waist. It has a design with patterned patterns full of colors in all its extension that makes it an ideal piece to wear in spring.

You can combine it with a white blouse for a more sophisticated and even casual look. But best of all, is that you can wear it at any time of the year, making it a worthwhile investment.