If you decided to start practicing yoga, it is important to have the necessary elements to carry out your practice in a safe and pleasant way. When we talk about yoga, the main element you need is a yoga mat.

There is a huge variety of yoga mats on the market and among the great variety of sizes, thicknesses, styles, materials in which they are made, etc. The task of finding the ideal mat can be a bit daunting, so I want to help you determine the mat that works for you.

For me, the mat is like your magic carpet. In it you receive support for your body, a little cushioning so as not to pose on hard ground and protection so as not to slip. If you offer your practice time, the yoga mat becomes an inseparable companion. After several years practicing, I can tell you that you do not need an expensive mat to enjoy your practice. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and comfortable on the mat. If you are starting, experiment with different mats until you find the ideal

Now, yes, little by little, the more you dive into practice, you may want to use a mat made with more natural materials, which will offer you the support you need, especially in the most challenging postures and in which you feel good. your body.

exist various sizes and thicknesses for a mat. Those of 1/4 ″ They are the thickest on the market. These offer good support and comfort. You must bear in mind that, being so thick, they weigh more, and it is more difficult to get packages or moorings that serve them.


Another common thickness you can find is 1/8 ″. This option is a good combination of comfort to carry and when doing postures.

Thinner mats tend to be a super good alternative when traveling. You can keep practicing with a light mat that fits in any suitcase.

As for materials, the most used by those who begin to practice is PVC. As it offers durability, comfort and does not slip easily. However, PVC is not very beneficial for the environment and many yogis prefer to use more eco friendly materials.

Rubber mats tend to be the most popular among yogis because they are eco friendly, strong, durable, comfortable and non-slip.

Another eco friendly alternative is jute mats.

The most important thing when choosing your yoga mat is that you feel comfortable and have good support when doing your practice. Choose what resonates most with your values ​​and your practice. Health!