The best televisions!

Are you looking for a smart TV with a big screen to enjoy all the content you want as a family? In this guide we show you 4 models of 50 ”televisions for less than $ 400 what can you get in Amazon, and install in your living room, your bedroom or your games room.

1. TCL

This is a model of TCL TV of the year 2019, which includes the Roku system to be able to access all the streaming content you want. This system requires a free subscription and is very easy to use, with applications like Netflix, Youtube, HBO, Hulu and others. It has a 1080 pixel quality screen.

It is the cheapest TV in the guide, with a great 40% discount on Amazon. Among customer comments, we can highlight that it is a television with a great price-quality ratio, ideal to install in any room. They mention that its installation is very easy and fast.

2. Toshiba

In this Toshiba TV, we found an intelligent model thanks to the integration of Fire TV, a product of Amazon. With Fire TV you can see content from your favorite applications and also from Amazon Video, which you access to being Amazon Prime partner. This model offers a 4K Ultra HD quality screen and allows you to use Alexa from your remote control, thanks to the included microph

With more than 16,000 reviewsThis is the best-selling smart TV on the list. In Amazon, customers highlight this Toshiba television which is a great television, with a high screen quality and very versatile for having Alexa. It is a perfect model to integrate into your smart home.

3. Samsung

In this samsung tv We get a 4K Ultra HD quality screen and a 120Hz refresh rate, which ensures fast images without losing quality. It is an intelligent model, which has Internet connectivity and an application store for you to download your favorites.

This is a tv Samsung highly valued by customers and having less than $ 300 on Amazon. Customers comment on this model that offers great screen quality, perfect for viewing all kinds of high definition content, while also offering great sound. As a negative point, customers mention that it has some pre-installed apps that cannot be deleted.

4. Hisense

With a very modern design, this hisense tv It has a 4K Ultra HD quality screen and technology Dolby Vision HDR which increases the definition of the images. It’s about a androidtv, which has the Google assistant installed and you can download different applications from your services streaming preferred. In addition, it has a refresh rate of 240Hz, making it ideal for watching fast-speed scenes or playing video games.

Although it is the most expensive TV on the list, it is of the newest model. In Amazon, customers mention that it is a high quality television, with a very good screen and a borderless design, which provides an uninterrupted visual experience. With the Google Assistant included, it is an ideal model to add to your smart home with Google Home.