Pantene launches a new mission to defy the rules and break hair prejudice in Latin America.

PANTENE It has set beauty trends on how the world considers beautiful hair. Today, the brand redefines these expectations in Latin America with its new campaign. “A Pantene hair says it all”, with the mission of defending inclusion, individuality and self-expression; encouraging women and men to point out and change the negative judgments that society imposes on hair. In doing so, PANTENE is firmly committed to supporting people in their transition to personal empowerment.

Some PANTENE products available in the market for you:

1. Conditioner and shampoo kit – Pantene Rose Water:

No parabens, no dyes, Pro-V mixes in rose water shampoo and conditioner relaxing in double pack. Treat yourself with roses every day! Shampoo Pantene Pro-V Blends without sulfate of rose water, which helps to calm and hydrate the hair to give you the best hydrated and soft hair with petals. The nutrient-infused formula of this soothing shampoo combines a Pro-V blend of Pro Vitamin B5, antioxidants, and rose extract to help gently cleanse and invigorate dry hair without peeling it.

This gentle formula contains no sulfates, silicones, parabens, dyes or mineral oil, and will leave your hair fresh with the natural scent of rose water, mint leaves and lily of the valley. Pantene Pro-V Blends Rose Water Sulfate-Free Conditioner helps soothe and rehydrate hair so you can look your best with hydrated hair and a smooth petal. The nutrient-infused formula of this soothing conditioner combines a Pro-V blend of Pro Vitamin B5, antioxidants and rose extract to gently condition and help revive dry hair without peeling it.

Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner Pantene for dry hair:

Don’t just wash your hair, keep it alive! Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo contributes more than it takes out with each wash. With a powerful Pro-V nutrient blend, gently cleanse your hair while powering each strand. The formula helps retain moisture, leaving you with intensely hydrated, strong and beautiful hair.

Combine with Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner for healthier hair with 2 times more moisture. Pantene Pro-V Moisture Renewal Moisture Conditioner features a powerful blend of Pro-V nutrients; This luxurious cream helps to visibly replenish dry, lifeless hair from root to tip. Micro-moisturizers work to wrap each strand with long-lasting hydration, leaving your hair wonderfully soft and manageable.

PANTENE campaign explores and challenges societal tensions that provoke judgment, such as: unruly and Chinese hair viewed negatively; gray hair, seen as a neglected and forgotten style; short hair, considered unfeminine; the longest hairstyles for men, as unmanly; or even expressive hair with great style, seen as a trait of frivolity.

Camila Sodi

Further, PANTENE it broadens the dialogue to break the unwritten, but often spoken, rules, under the concept that “A Pantene hair says it all”, even when society says otherwise.

“A Pantene hair says it all, even when society indicates that you must fit in, follow a norm, or that you are not worthy of progress if you do not meet the standard,” said Paula Villaseñor, Brand Communication Manager. “A Pantene hair says it all does not mean that your hair is the only thing that matters. It means that your hair is a central part of your identity, and that it speaks volumes about the story you want to tell. ”

“A day when you feel that your hair looks amazing has enormous power: it has been scientifically proven that it has a positive impact on people’s self-esteem and attitude when facing the world and the obstacles that are presented to it. By giving you a great day for hair, we help you feel invincible and strengthened by your individuality ”, adds Paula Villaseñor. “With Pantene, you can say what you want, loud and clear, in the greatest way.”

About Pantene® Pro-V:

The Pantene® Pro-V line includes 12 collections that help provide healthy and beautiful hair to all women. The current offer of Pantene® Pro-V includes: Summer Edition, Restoration, Fall Control, Extreme Smooth, Hydration, Defined Curls, Extreme Hydration, Extreme Shine, Classic Care, Smooth and Silky, Micellar and Strength and Reconstruction. Pantene® Pro-V technologies advance with the help of the Pantene Institute. The institute, founded in 2012, is the current reflection of Pantene’s commitment to partner with expert global hair health leaders by bringing together 12 independent leading hair scientists with 7 expert P&G scientists to promote advancements in hair care.