The best products to take care of your cell ph

Our cell phone is a very important part of our daily life, which is always with us and helps us with different tasks. Due to its importance and value, it is an element that we must take care of as much as possible and surely some of these accessories will help you do it.

1. Case Otterbox

The OtterBox brand It is one of the most recognized among the cell phone case options, since they offer durable and good quality products that take care of your electronic devices. This case is compatible with iPhone 7 and 8, and is made of rubber and polycarbonate. It is a thin and light protective case, which has two parts to ensure complete care for your cell ph

Currently this OtterBox case It has a great 50% discount that leaves you with a final price of $ 19.99. It is a case of a recognized brand and that also has outstanding features, such as the inclusion of plugs for the USB port of the cell phone preventing dirt from entering and a lifetime guarantee from the brand.

2. Bumper Rhinoshield

If you prefer something more delicate to take care of your cell phone, this rhinoshield bumper It may be for you. This is a silicone frame that lines the sides of your phone, protecting it from bumps and drops of up to 11 feet in height. The case has a little height on both sides, which also protects the front and back of your phone in horizontal drops.

With a price of $ 24.99This is the most expensive product on the list, but it offers protection with minimalist style and security. Available in various colors, this bumper is designed to iPhone 7 and 8 Plus, leaving all ports and speakers free for a better experience. Customers in Amazon They affirm that it is a product that helps protect the cell phone, without completely covering it.

3. Support PopSocket

Thanks to its multiple uses and ease of installation on any device, the PopSocket They have gained prominence within cell phone accessories in recent times. They are rubber accessories that adhere to the back of your cell phone, which allows you to hold it more securely and also serves as a support to support your cell phone horizontally and watch a video, for example. In addition, they are foldable to guarantee a more comfortable use of the cell ph

For $ 9.99 You can have a very useful product that has been in trend for a while. The PopSocket brand It also offers the option of exchanging your cover designs, to be able to adapt it to different cases or situations. Some clients in Amazon They found that the cover came off easily, but they highlight its comfort in using the cell ph

4. Ring FitFort

With functionality similar to the previous product, the FitFort ring It offers a way to hold your phone firmly and avoid falls. By the movement of the ring in 360 degrees around the center and 180 degrees vertically, it allows a comfortable fit for any finger of your hand and can also be used as a support. In addition, its metal body makes it the ideal accessory to use with magnet holders for cars.

This ring has a price of $ 10.99 And it is the best valued product from the list, with 4.6 stars. Customers in Amazon They emphasize its elegant and minimalist design, while they consider it to be a very useful and comfortable accessory to use. This ring is 1.38 inches tall, includes a double-sided tape and a transparent protector so that your case or cell phone is not ruined by the glue.

5. Protective glass Ailun

Definitely a protective glass It is an indispensable accessory for any cell phone, since for little money it protects your screen from falls. This particular product is designed to iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6 Plus and 6s Plus, it has a thickness of 0.33 millimeters and a hardness of 9H that resists impacts, scratches and liquid.

This is the cheapest accessory from the list, with a price of $ 5.89but the best selling guide in Amazon. With a product you get 3 protectors, to be able to change them when they break. In addition, it includes all the accessories necessary to install each of the glasses correctly.

6. Water covers for Mpow

Ideal for summer, these mpow cases They will keep your cell phone clean and safe from water, sand and dirt. It is a plastic bag that can hold up to a 6.5-inch screen cell phone, with a hermetic closure and a hanging strap. The two sides of the case are transparent, so you can take photos and videos in the water. The material of the cover allows to use the screen touch of your cell phone without problem and also its buttons.

For price of $ 7.99 You can have two covers for water, making it one of the cheapest products in the guide. In addition, it is the second best-selling product, with a positive customer rating in Amazon, which stand out that they are very resistant and safe covers, ideal for vacations or excursions without putting your cell phone at risk.