The best models, from the best brands.

When we talk about shoes and sportswear, without a doubt Adidas Y Nike They are the first references and the most important brands worldwide within this range. Each of them has a very well defined personality; However, each sports fashion house has designs and marketing strategies that make the big difference between the

So, Adidas It is a multinational company whose main market is both tennis and soccer players as well as all its fans. It is well established on the European continent, but it is also very popular in the rest of the world.

On the other hand Nike, is an American multinational company that has been dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of footwear, clothing, equipment, accessories and other sporting goods. Today, it is one of the largest suppliers of footwear and sportswear worldwide. Its main markets are those interested in basketball and racing, as it sponsors several athletes.

Both brands since their inception have been ahead in terms of sports shoes It refers, they are no longer exclusive for sport but also for daily life, even with the participation of famous fashion designers in their creations. Each one has had its audience and its most loyal fans, making it too difficult to say which one is the best. Here we show you some models of his shoes so that you are the one who dictates the final verdict.

1. Adidas: Lite Racer


They have a casual style eye-catching in a stylish package. The upper is made from mesh that gives these race-inspired shoes a feeling of spaciousness.

The tongue and pulls on the heel allow you to put it on and take it off very easily, its light cushioning offers you superior comfort.

2. Adidas: QT Racer for Women


These women’s sneakers from slim style are inspired to run. They are made with mesh and synthetic sole with an aerodynamic shape. Its finish is three seamless stripes.

They are padded with cloud foam to give you a soft and extra comfortable feeling on your training days or just in your daily life.

3. Nike: Revolution 3 for men


With a minimalist designThese Nike Men’s Running Shoes are made from lightweight, single-layer mesh with minimal seamless overlays and soft foam.

They give you a revolutionary comfortThey are ideal for hiking or jogging. You can use them for any outdoor activity or just for what you want.

Nike: Revolution 4 for Women


The upper part of these shoes is made with mesh for optimal breathability. Soft foam midsole gives you a light cushioning And responsive, the rubber outsole gives you durable traction.

Designed especially for running, They give you comfort and support for your feet. Its material allows the skin of your foot to breathe and you will have a very comfortable fit. They are ideal for any sports activity.