Functionality and style on your wrist.

For the past few years, the use of smart watches offering functionality and aesthetics has been on the rise. With it you can watch notifications, set reminders or use it to control your physical activity. Today you can find a huge offer of smart watches, which adapts to each style and budget.

1. Smart watch Letscom

This product offers a classic design at an economical price, in a Smart watch with a 1.3-inch screen and a rubber band. It is a watch designed to monitor physical activities, since thanks to its sensor on the back it can take the heart rate and the number of steps performed throughout the day. In addition, it offers 14 different sports functions, to collect interesting data on each activity that can be seen through its application. On the other hand, you can receive notifications from social networks, messaging and mail on the watch and read up to 10 messages on its screen.

Thanks to your discount, this smart watch is the cheapest from the list with a price of $ 38.20. On the other hand, it is the best rated model, with 4.7 stars in Amazon. This is a waterproof and battery-powered smart watch that charges in 2-3 hours and can last up to 10 days of use. It weighs 1.37 ounces and customers at Amazon they highlight its great functionality in day-to-day tasks, as well as its usefulness while doing sports.

2. Smartwatch brand Skygrand

This is a model of Smart watch very similar to the previous one, with a screen multitouch 1.3 inch and rubber band. It differs in being dust and water resistant in an IP68 category and its battery can last up to 30 days in stand-by. You can measure activity throughout the day, including heart rate, steps and distances, and also monitor sleep. On the other hand, you can see your cell phone notifications such as messages, calls and social networks, notifying you with a small vibration.

With a price of $ 45.99, customers in Amazon They affirm that it is a smart watch with a great price-quality ratio, ideal for sports and also keeping up with cell phone notifications, and that it works both with iOS as with Android. This brand has its own application that allows you to control the watch and see all the data it stores.

3. Smart watch Bozlun

East Smart watch It has a classic and elegant style, which sets it apart from the other models in the guide. It has a waterproof and dustproof rating of IP68, which can be used in the shower or while you sweat. Its screen is 1.06 inches with a very colorful graphic interface. In addition to serving to monitor physical activities, heart rate and sleep, on its color screen you can see notifications from your cell phone and this smart watch can also be used to control the camera and take photos remotely.

Have a price of $ 54.99, placing it in the medium price range of the guide and stands out for its design and graphics, chosen in Amazon mainly by female clients. It is available in 4 color combinations and has a battery that lasts approximately 7 days. Customers highlight this Bozlun watch its functionality for its low price, but some mention that its screen is too small to read notifications comfortably.

4. Smartwatch Amazfit

The Amazfit smart watch It has a simple design, with a screen touch 1.28 inches and weighs 1.1 ounces. This model stands out for the duration of its battery that can go up to 30 days and because it includes a GPS signal. It has a water and dust resistance of IP68 and a screen with Gorilla Glass scratch resistant. Its main function is to measure physical activity and see notifications from your cell phone, although you cannot respond to them using the smart watch.

With a price of $ 79.99, This is the best selling smart watch of the guide and it is a recognized brand in the sector, part of the Huami company. It is available in 4 color combinations and customers in Amazon They claim that it is a very functional smart watch, although the size of the text on the screen may be somewhat small. In addition, the screen has 5 levels of brightness, which allows you to see it even when you are in the sun.

5. Brand smart watch Ticwatch

With a modern design thanks to its 1.4 inch high circular screen, the Ticwatch smart watch It offers functionality in sports, but also in your daily life. It is a watch compatible with both iOS or Android, and also with the Google assistant, which allows you to organize your day. It has a microphone which allows you to access the assistant and also answer messages or calls from the watch, only with Android devices. In addition, thanks to its technology Android Wear 2.0 You can download various applications and interfaces to customize your Ticwatch.

Although it is the most expensive on the list, due to its price of $ 111.90, it has a great current discount of 30% in Amazon and it stands out for its characteristics. It is the only model in the guide that allows you to answer messages, calls and connect with the Google Assistant, which gives more functionality to your smart watch. Customers in Amazon They emphasize its great quality and utility, although its battery can last for a short time, around 1 day, if all its functions are used constantly.