There are many models of the Echo speaker to suit every home.

Increasingly, the assistant Amazon Alexa is part of our lives transforming the home into a smart home. In another of the guides we already talked about all the functionalities that Alexa has in the house and today we want to show you 8 Echo speakers with which you can take advantage of this assistant. Each model has a different peculiarity, so you will surely find the smart speaker that best suits your needs and home.

1. Echo Dot third generation

The Echo Dot speaker It is one of the most chosen to use Alexa, since it is the best seller in the guide and has a compact and versatile design to adapt to any home. Its edge is covered in fabric, it has buttons on the top and a light that indicates if Alexa is listening. This model is the second generation of the first speaker, so it has better sound quality and you can connect it to another device Echo Dot to have a stereo sound of your favorite music.

With a great 40% discount, this Echo Dot is priced at $ 29.99 which makes it a very accessible product to use Alexa. This available in 3 different colors and highly valued by customers, with 4.6 stars in Amazon. Like all Echo devices, you have the option to mute the microphones if you want to have a moment of total privacy.

2. Echo Dot Kids

Specially designed for children, the Echo Dot Kids It is available in light blue or multicolour, to better adapt to the smallest room in the home. Using this product, you can only access child-friendly content and call previously authorized family and friends. In addition, parents can review the activity of Echo Dot Kids and put limits on the hours of use.

For its 20% discount, it has a price of $ 49.99 And it is an ideal complement for your children to have a friendly approach to technology, asking Alexa to read a story to them, put on music by their favorite artist or to learn more about different topics. On the other hand, you can use it to communicate with the children’s room from another Echo speaker in the house.

3. Threw out second generation

With a more elongated design, this smart speaker is the second product Threw out best seller. Due to its shape, it has a loudspeaker larger than the Echo Dot, so it offers high quality sound, with Dolby technology. It also has buttons on the top and a light that changes color according to the functionality of Alexa.

Echo second generation is priced at $ 99.99 and it is available in fabric cover in 3 colors and also in 2 different wood finishes, to perfectly adapt to the design of your spaces.

4. Echo Plus second generation

This product has a similar design to the previous speaker, offering better sound quality. Echo Plus It has Dolby Play 360 ° technology and with the voice you have the possibility to modify the audio settings and also connect it with a second speaker to have a more powerful sound. On the other hand, this smart speaker It has a Zigbee hub installed, allowing you to control other smart devices, such as light bulbs and outlets.

Currently it has a 27% discount, which makes it have a final price of $ 109.99 and it is available in 3 different colors. It is priced higher than the previous Echo speaker as it offers better sound quality, Zigbee hub installed and a slightly more modern design.

5. Echo Show 5

This product offers a 5.5-inch screen along with an integrated speaker, to be able to use more of the features that Alexa offers. Echo Show 5 It has a built-in 1MP camera, which allows you to make video calls, and thanks to its screen you can see other connected devices such as security cameras. Also, you can get the adjustable foot for Echo Show 5 and make the experience that much more comfortable.

Echo Show 5 is priced at $ 64.99 for its current 28% discount. It is a product that offers you other ways to use Alexa, incorporating the screen with which you can watch videos, make calls, view security cameras, follow recipes and much more. It has a compact size of 5.8 × 3.4 × 2.9 inches, making it ideal for placing on the counter or side table.

6. Echo Show second generation

With a more modern design and a larger screen, the device Echo Show second generation It offers the same functionalities as the previous speaker, but with more quality. Your screen is touch 10.1-inch HD and its speakers reproduce high-quality sound, with Dolby technology. Includes Zigbee hub to control other smart devices.

This is the most expensive product on the list, with a price of $ 229.99 but it offers a multifunctional product, with a large screen and a 5 MP camera. It measures 9.7 × 6.9 × 4.2 inches and is ideal for viewing recipes, a series while cooking, making video calls, or viewing cameras around the house.

7. Echo Spot

The model Echo Spot combines Alexa with a small screen, making it the ideal device for any corner of the house. With a 2.5-inch circular screen and small VGA camera, this is the guide’s most compact device offering multiple uses for Alexa.

The Echo Spot is priced at $ 129.99 and it is without a doubt one of the most original products to use Alexa. Due to its compact size of 4.1 × 3.8 × 3.6 inches, it is designed to be used at the nightstand or in the office, and with it you can control all your smart devices, listen to music or the radio and even make video calls.

8. Echo Input

If you already have a speaker in your house that you want to take advantage of, then Echo Input you can help. This accessory is connected by a 3.5mm auxiliary cable or by bluetooth with another speaker you already have, so you can use Alexa. Echo Input It is ideal for people who want to incorporate Alexa into their home, adapting to the aesthetics of their spaces.

This is the product with the highest discount, 43%, and priced at $ 19.99 being the cheapest product on the list. It is available in white or black, and has 4 microphone inputs on the top to hear you from all sides. If you want privacy, it’s as simple as pressing a button that turns off the microphones.