Now if you can have your health up to date.

This year the offers and discounts for the Amazon Prime There have been many days, and we at the Shopping Guide are here to show you the best ones. If you are not yet a Prime member, subscribe here with a 30-day free trial period so you can take advantage of the offers and discounts that Amazon is offering these days for this great event.

Below we share the best discounts of the Amazon Prime Day 2019 so far in vitamins and health supplements. Click on each image to see the description of each

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1. Nature Made – Pills with vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and zinc: Sale Price $ 8.91

2. Collagen protein: Save $ 8.04

3. Vegan Capsules – Caffeine with L-Theanine for energy and focus: With a 35% discount

4. Vitamin B12 drops to increase energy levels and speed up metabolism: With 25% discount

5. Collagen powder: Save $ 9.00

6. Dr Tobias colon cleanse to eliminate toxins, lose weight and gain energy: With a 44% discount