If you are a lover of offers, you must join Amazon Woot.

Woot It is an internet sales site that was originally responsible for popularizing the offers valid only for one day. Over time it grew to become a web portal for offers in real time. This was acquired by Amazon In 2010 and since then, strategic and marketing alliances were established to provide greater benefits to the millions of users of both platforms.

Woot is popularly known for publishing what they themselves call their “ridiculously good offers” In principle, the page offered its members only one product per day, but currently it has multiple daily offers and others flash sales consisting of short-term sales in seven different categories. One of the services that has become most popular on the platform is Bag of Crap (BOC).


This system is a random collection of products that they keep in a box that is sold for a value of $ 10 and at the time of making the purchase, you do not know what you will get with it. For its part, the main benefit Woot had offered, it was a flat $ 5 shipping fee on all orders.

One of the benefits of the commercial alliance between Amazon and Wood, is that members of Amazon Prime You can receive these shipments at no additional cost.

Finally, the users Associates also have the ability to receive free original clothing and artwork as courtesies of Wood for your preference. In this sense, a membership allows you to enjoy free or minimal shipping. This means that by combining your membership with your account in Amazon Prime have the opportunity to receive gifts that you will certainly not want to miss.