The terrible evil that every woman is afraid of: The appearance of wrinkles!

Exposure to the sun, poor eating habits, stress, pollution, among many other things, make the skin of many young people look older, parched, dull and unhealthy. And that makes it a terrible nightmare for women of any age. That is why we present 3 treatments to combat the passage of time on your skin, and have younger skin for longer.

1. Facial cream for the night: L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect

Her CARACTERISTICS: Firms sagging skin, reduces age spots, and provides deep hydration at night.

2. Capsules for skin treatment: Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules by Cindy Crawford

Her CARACTERISTICS: The exclusive blend of peptides in these capsules is formulated to help your skin look smoother and firmer. Each capsule, shaped like a pearl, aims to combat the appearance of expression wrinkles facial, unwanted frown lines, smile lines, laugh lines, and crow’s feet around the forehead, mouth, and eyes.

3. Kit for wrinkles + oily skin: Paula’s Choice Kit

Paula's Choice Resist Trial Kit for Wrinkles + Breakouts

Her CARACTERISTICS: Attacks multiple signs of aging and oily skin. Includes 4 travel size products: Cleanser, Daily Scrub, Day Moisturizer with SPF, and Night Moisturizer. It is for normal to oily skin.