Take care of your feet at work and in your daily life.

When buying shoes, the first thing to consider is your comfort, since foot pain can become unbearable. Especially if you work on your feet for many hours or suffer from bunions, shoes with good support on the insole are essential, to be able to travel the day without pain. It is recommended to choose a model of loose footwear, that does not press the foot, and with ergonomic insoles that provide great support.

1. Clarks

Made of leather and fabric, these clarks shoes they offer comfort and style. They have a flexible rubber sole, and an insole that provides support for the entire foot, especially the part of the arch. At the rear, it has a small 1.57-inch lift for more comfortable walking.

Originally priced at $ 90, these Clarks They offer great discounts that vary according to the chosen size, around 30%. In addition to being available in full or half sizes, there is also the possibility of ordering the size wide, which provides greater comfort to your feet. In Amazon, customers emphasize that it is a comfortable shoe from the first use, but that it does not guarantee that the foot breathes much, since they are waterproof.

2. Rockport

In a more formal and leather style, the rockport shoes They have a flexible rubber base and an internal insole of memory foam that provides support to the foot. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and also in sizes wide. It is a model with little weight, making it ideal to use all day.

With a starting at $ 75.95, this model of Rockport it is available in black or brown. Customers in Amazon They highlight their great style, which allows them to be used at work or in more casual situations. They mention that they are very comfortable and that it feels like they are wearing tennis, although as a point against they mention that having the sole in white, it gets dirty very quickly.

3. Cole Haan

The Cole Haan shoes combine the elegance of moccasins with the comfort of tennis. Made of leather, these shoes have a sloping rubber base, which offer comfort for your feet. They are very light shoes, with the necessary support to return without foot pain at the end of your workday.

Although they are the most expensive shoes on the list, with a price of $ 149.99, it is a very well valued model in Amazon and of great quality. It is available in different color variations and sizes wide. Clients highlight its great design and comfort, although some encountered problems with the quality of its internal staff.

4. Merrel

With a more informal style, these Merrel espadrilles They are made of suede and have a large rubber base. Due to their air chamber and internal padded insole, these shoes offer all-day comfort. Its base has a non-slip design, ideal to provide safety in use.

The top selling shoes from the list and also the best valued, with a price of $ 79.95. In Amazon, the clients emphasize that they are very comfortable shoes and that they fit perfectly to the foot, thanks to the offer of various sizes and the format wide. In addition, they are available in different colors and patterned fabrics.

5. Skechers

The most casual shoe model on the list, these Skechers tennis They have a simple black design, which adapts well to any situation. They are made of elastic mesh type fabric, which offers great comfort adapting to the foot and also allows it to breathe. In addition to the flexible rubber base, it has an internal insole of memory foam and they are non-slip.

With a discounted price of $ 52.95, this model is the cheapest of the guide. It is available in various sizes and sizes wide. In AmazonThe clients mention that they are very comfortable shoes with a relaxed fit. On the other hand, they highlight its durability and the possibility of adapting to any work environment.