These accessories will make your trip more comfortable.

When making the suitcase, in general the first thing we put is all the clothes we will take, but we must not forget some accessories that can make our trip more comfortable. From a weight to avoid excess baggage, an adapter to charge your devices and two accessories to use your cell phone all day while taking photos and videos, these 4 accessories will be very useful on your next trip.

1. Baggage weight Etekcity

This is a product that can help you before and during the trip. With the weight of Etekcity Never again will you be concerned about running over your baggage when traveling by plane. To weigh, you must tie the weight tape to your luggage and pull up, this weight can weigh up to 50 kilograms or 110 pounds. Also, it has a temperature sensor in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.

With a price of $ 10.99 This digital weight has a compact size of 5.1 x 1.2 x 2.4 inches ideal to carry anywhere in your suitcase. It also has a tare function and automatically turns off in 2 minutes to save battery power.

2. Universal adapter Mingtong

If you are traveling outside the country, an extremely important accessory is the universal adapter, since without it you will not be able to charge any of your electronic devices. With the Mingtong adapter, you will be prepared for any trip, since it includes adapters for the United States, Europe, Great Britain and Australia. To add functionality, this adapter has a plug input on the front and two USB to one of its sides, to be able to charge your cell phone while using the adapter for something else.

With a price of $ 11.99 This universal adapter also has protection to prevent overvoltage. It can be used in 110 or 220 volt plugs and is ideal for small devices such as cell phones, computers, tablets, cameras, headphones, among others. In Amazon, customers highlight its functionality thanks to the ease of use and the inclusion of 2 USB ports.

3. External battery Anker

To never run out of battery on your trip while taking photos, videos and using maps, this anker external battery it is the ideal companion. The power is 10,000 mAh, which is equivalent to 3 and a half full charges of iPhone. It is compatible with many different devices and supports fast charging.

It is one of the smallest and most compact external batteries, weighing in at 6.35 ounces and priced at $ 24.49. It is available in 4 different colors, and is a product endorsed by the brand Anker. Does not include the USB cable, so you must use yours.

4. Selfie stick and brand tripod Fugetek

Finally, we want to show you a product that will allow you to create the best memories of your trip. This accessory of Fugetek It serves as selfie stick to take photos as a couple or when you are alone, and it also becomes a tripod to take larger photos or at night. This tripod extends from 19 to 51 inches thanks to its folding aluminum frame.

This is a very versatile accessory, with a price of $ 23.99 that will serve you on any trip to take the best photos. In addition, it includes a remote control that works with Android or iOS that allows you to take photos from a distance. When you return from a trip, this tripod can be used at home to watch videos or make calls comfortably.