The best smart TVs.

TVs Samsung in general they are highly valued by customers, as they offer a high quality screen and they are also smart models from where you can see all the content in streaming you want. In this guide, we show you 4 options of this brand that have a good price.

1. Samsung 43 ”

In this samsung smart tv we found a 43 ”screen Quad LED with a quality of 4K Ultra HD and technology HDR which improves color rendering. This television is also compatible with Google Home and Alexa, to integrate into your smart home. It includes a small remote control that allows you to navigate between the different content applications and it also has a microphone to do voice searches.

With a big 38% discount, this television Samsung is priced under $ 500 in Amazon. Customers mention that it is a good value for money TV and is perfect for watching high quality content.

2. Samsung fifty”

With a 50 ”quality screen 4K Ultra HD, East Samsung TV has Internet and various compatible applications to view content on streaming. Includes technology HDR Y PurColor, to see the colors more clearly. It is also a model compatible with Google Home and Alexa.

This Samsung model is best seller of the guide and has more than 4,100 reviews in Amazon. In addition, this smart TV has a 30% discount and a price that does not exceed $ 400.

3. Samsung 55 ”

In this TV smart from samsung we get a 55 ”screen with quality 4K Ultra HD. Like the other models, it has technology HDR and PurColor, and it is compatible with Google Home and Alexa.

For his current 25% discount This Samsung TV is priced under $ 500. In AmazonThey have more than 4,000 ratings and a 4.5-star rating. Clients mention that it is a high quality television, although its remote control is not very comfortable.

4. Samsung 65 ”

With a 65 ”screen this Samsung smart TV it features 4K Ultra HD quality. It also includes HDR and PurColor technology, which improves color reproduction and allows you to see high-quality content from different applications of streaming.

This is the largest television on the list, with a price below $ 800 and more than 1,400 reviews in Amazon. Customers mention that it is a television with great screen quality, a good response speed that makes it perfect for video games, and also good sound.