With the wireless headphones, you can listen to your favorite music anywhere, without the inconvenience of limiting yourself with cables. In recent times, they have become the indispensable accessory for anyone who wants to listen to music on the street, at work or while cleaning the house. If you are looking for a model with great power, modern design and below $ 200, check out the following models.

1. Mpow

With a minimalist design, the Mpow headphones offer noise canceling technology and very deep bass, creating an immersive experience. They are lightweight and feature soft, padded ear cushions to ensure all-day comfort. Its battery can last up to 30 hours on a single charge per connection bluetooth And it also includes a cable to use them connected. It has a folding design, which makes them very easy to carry, buttons on the outside to control music and a built-in microphone to take calls.

It’s about the Cheapest guide headphones, priced not to exceed $ 50, and are available in black or silver. They’re also one of the top-rated headphones, with positive customer feedback on Amazon which highlight its great sound and fast connection. Customers mention that for their low price, they are very good headphones in which to listen to music at full volume, comparable to headphones from other more expensive brands on the market.


Combining black and silver, these Cowin’s headphones stand out for their futuristic design, although it maintains the classic circular shape in the part of the ears. Includes noise canceling technology, ideal for use on the go, at work, or on the go. It plays music with very good quality and also includes a microphone to take calls. In mode bluetooth, its 600mAh battery allows a continuous use of up to 30 hours.

They are best selling headphones from the guide, with more than 14,000 reviews in Amazon. Available in 6 different color options to suit each person, this model is also one of the best valued by customers. In the comments, they state that they are a product of a excellent price-quality ratio with a very good sound and a very high volume. They have a shiny plastic finish and they mention that their pads are very comfortable on the ears.

3. Skullcandy

Of the brand SkullcandyThese headphones provide a highly immersive experience due to their noise cancellation and sound reproduction quality. Through your connection bluetooththese headphones can be used for 40 hours on a single charge and it takes about 2 and a half hours to fully charge. It can be folded for easy portability, and includes a microphone for taking calls.

They stand out for their minimalist and modern design, in a matte finish and with very large buttons on the sides, which makes them easy to handle headphones. They are available at 4 color options and are priced under $ 120. In Amazon, customers claim that they are headphones with a quality construction, with a metal headband and very comfortable pads. They also mention that the sound quality is very good, with a great presence of bass.

4. Plantronics

Headphones Plantronics have a unique design, which merge multiple textures to create a look retro and original. On one side it has LED lights and on the other, large buttons to control music. It has noise canceling technology and good sound quality, balancing lows and highs. The battery can last up to 24 hours of continuous use and the scope of your network bluetooth is 330 feet maximum. The pads fold inward for easy portability in the included zippered pouch.

With a retro design and a current 34% discount, these Plantronics headsets are priced under $ 150. In Amazon, customers mention that its design is one of the strongest points, along with its quality construction and padded headband, something that is not seen in many models. They also highlight its functionality, fast connection and that when you remove them, the music automatically pauses.

5. Sennheiser

A modern, professional and original design combining plastic, metal and synthetic leather to create these sennheiser headphones. It includes noise cancellation technology and two microphones to be able to take calls and make your voice hear very clearly. It also has small buttons that allow you to control the music and an LED light that indicates when it is working. You have a connection bluetooth 4.0 and can last up to 22 hours of continuous use.

Although they are the most expensive in the guide, they have a great discount of 61% currently that makes their price not exceed $ 200. In Amazon, customers mention that it is a high quality headset, comparable to other major brands in the market in relation to its sound, which is of great quality. It is very well valued even by professional people and music fans, highlighting its sound, design and comfort in use.