Best gifts for kids electronics fans!

Christmas is approaching and we should start thinking about gifts, especially for children! If you are looking for an original and technological gift, which is also very affordable, then check out this gift guide from Amazon under $ 60.

1. Echo Dot Kids

If you want an Alexa device that kids can use, this speaker is perfect. The Echo Dot Kids It is available in 2 colors and has the functions of the virtual assistant of Amazon specially adjusted for children. This Alexa speaker can help children learn facts about their favorite animals, read a story to them at night, and it also helps to communicate at home through the various Echo speakers.

With a big discount of 43% for the Cyber ​​Monday offers, this device Amazon is priced under $ 40. It is highly valued by customers, mentioning that this Echo speaker has great parental control options and that it includes a free year of Free Time with special content for children.

2. Tablet Fire 7 Kids

If you are looking for a special tablet for children, Fire 7 Kids it’s a good option. It includes a protective rubber sleeve, which also has a support on the back for easy use. Is tablet It has a 7 ”screen, a 16GB internal memory and includes a free year of FreeTime, which offers many applications and special content for children. In addition, this tablet has a guarantee that allows you to change it if it breaks, up to 2 years after buying it.

The top-selling product on the list, with more than 3,000 reviews on Amazon. For its current 40% discount on Cyber ​​Monday, this kids tablet it is priced under $ 60. It is available in several color options and is well appreciated by customers, highlighting its good value for money with its current discount, and the integration of parental controls that allow you to control what children see and use.

3. Night Lamp and Speaker Shava

With this product you get 2 functions in 1: a speaker bluetooth and an LED night light. In addition, its brightness can be adjusted by 20, 50 and 100% to adapt it to different times of the day. This product is ideal for children to listen to their favorite music or a book before bed, and also as a very original night lamp.

Currently has 25% discount and a price less than $ 30, and is highly valued by customers in Amazon. Customers emphasize that it is an ideal product for children, but also for other spaces in the house such as the bathroom, living room and more. It can be used with the battery or always plugged in like a normal lamp.

4. Headphones Mindkoo

If you are looking for some original headphones for kidsThis Mindkoo model is available in 4 color options. It has decorative rubber ears on its headband, and a padded surface that guarantees its comfort. These headphones are wireless with connection bluetooth, guaranteeing greater freedom for children. In addition, they stand out for having lights on the outside of the headphones and in the ears, being a very original model.

These headphones have priced under $ 35, available in 4 color options and with 7 modes of LED lights. With its lights, it has an autonomy of approximately 5 hours of batteries and without them, 8 to 10 hours on a single charge. In AmazonCustomers mention that they are great in style, but may be a bit big for young children.

5. Robot ball Sphero

With this robot sphere, children can have a lot of hours of fun. This product is controlled through the brand’s mobile application, and is used to play different games and learn programs, being a very versatile and original toy. It is the size of a ping pong ball and is ideal for creative kids looking to learn new tech skills.

It is a very original product, with a price less than $ 35 for your 30% discount current and available in a large number of colors. In Amazon, customers mention that it is a very versatile product, ideal for family fun. It is a product that combines a toy with an educational accessory.

6. Star Projector Mokoqi

This is a Ideal accessory for toddler bedrooms, which serves to decorate the space and as a night light. With this product you can project the entire cosmos on the ceiling of a room, with its 4 color modes: warm, blue, red and green. It works with a USB charger and 4 AA batteries, and includes a timer function so that it automatically turns off at night.

With a price less than $ 25, this is an ideal product for young children and well valued by customers in Amazon. They affirm that it is a very simple product to use, ideal for the smallest room and that creates a very relaxed atmosphere for the whole family.

7. Smart watch Enow-YL

A smart watch for kids, which allows you to communicate with them easily and also know their location, adding security in the day to day of your children. With its included camera, this watch is used to make video calls and has a button on the side that serves to send a distress signal in case of danger. In addition, this watch has a parental control option through a mobile application.

East smartwatch it is priced under $ 30, it is available in a wide variety of colors and has a very high rating in Amazon, 4.8 stars. Customers claim that it is a watch with many functions, ideal for children who do not yet have a cell phone and can keep in touch.

8. Kids Chamber Brand Omzer

For small photography fans, this omzer camera It is available in 6 color options. This camera takes 8MP quality photos and 1080 pixels videos. It is made of rubber, which makes the camera very resistant to shocks, and it has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 2.5 hours of autonomy.

Available in various color options, this camera is priced under $ 40 and is generally highly valued by customers in Amazon. They affirm that it is a very simple camera to use and that it has several options to take fun photos, and it is ideal for children to have their own camera and not to borrow your cell phone to take photographs.

9. Drawing tablet Newyes

In this Newyes product, you get a children’s drawing tablet with an 8.5 ”screen that runs on a clock battery and a button to lock the screen when transporting. It includes a smart pen that allows you to draw easily and with the central button you can freeze the drawing or delete it to start again.

Its about Cheapest guide product, priced under $ 20 and it is well valued in Amazon. Customers mention that it is an ideal gift for small artists, combining a technological product with a very simple activity such as drawing. In addition, it is a low weight product perfect to always carry on top and for children to have fun wherever they go.

10. Sports camera Program

The Prograce sports camera It is perfect for very active children, who want to create original videos. It is available in 3 color options and is very compact in size. It records videos in 1080 pixels, 5MP photos and on the back it has a 1.77 ”LCD screen with buttons, to see the videos and photos you have taken.

This sports camera has a 27% discount, with a current price of less than $ 30 and in Amazon generally positive comments are found. Customers highlight this camera that is very easy to use for children to have fun in different situations such as when they play sports or in the pool.