Fill your day with the best energies with these charms.

The superstition is the belief that attributes a reason magic Y mysticism to the generation of phenomena, processes and their relationship in various aspects or life events. In this sense, if you are superstitious, each element around you influences the events inside of you lifetime, and the best option in these cases is always to have an amulet with you that allows you to attract only positive energies. That is why this time we show you some of the best good luck charms that you can always have with you.

1. Amulet of Wood Cat

It is a carving made entirely by hand by monks from a Buddhist temple. Has a handwritten mantra to bring good luck to your life. An excellent option to attract and activate the Chi energy of fortune.

You can place it in your workplace to attract customers, or also place it in your house in the living room, facing the outdoors or near the hallway to receive wealth.

Horseshoe pocket-size


This amulet is about a horseshoe, made entirely by hand with pewter. Plays in a small size, very comfortable to carry a life-size horseshoe.

From ancient times and by different cultures, the horseshoe has been a symbol associated with good luck. You can always carry it with you or place it in a special place in your home.

3. Stone with 4 Leaf Clover


It is an amulet made up of an acrylic capsule containing a real 4 leaf clover inside it. It is made of resin, so the surface has a nice color that makes it stand out.

For its part, the four-leaf clover is a well-known amulet to which good luck and good fortune are attributed. You can put it on a table or shelf, also carry it inside your bag.

Bracelet Obsidian

It is a bracelet made with obsidian, a black gemstone that is not commonly seen. Collect strong power in itself and therefore it has been used as an amulet since ancient times.

You can wear this accessory daily, combine it with any garment in your wardrobe and is suitable for any occasion. Thus, it is a simple way to always have good luck with you.

5. Tree from bonsai


This beautiful natural healing gem tree has been made entirely by hand in India. It is responsible for bringing strength, clarity of intelligence, promotes concentration and more.

It is also a helps attract wealth, good luck and fortune. It is full of good energies, its appearance allows you to incorporate it into the decoration of your home or work.

6. Frog for prosperity


The jade money frog stands on an ingot, with a chain of copper coins on its back, which they represent wealth and dignity, while serving as an auspicious sign of treasure, wealth, and abundance.

It is thus a charming amulet, it is delicately engraved and symbolizes good luck in your career, in your business and wealth in general. You must place it in the direction of the door to attract good luck.

7. Hand of Fatima


It is a beautiful necklace, with a Hamsa or Hand of Fatima pendant as this powerful amulet is also known. It is made of zinc alloy with enamelled decorative designs.

Includes a card with all the information regarding the amulet, which you can use daily since its grace and beauty allow you to adapt it to your style, combining perfectly with your clothes and attracting good luck.