So you always have fortune and good luck on your side …

Superstition it is a belief that consists in attributing magical or supernatural character to certain objects or events, which according to our thinking bring us good or bad luck.

The amulets they are an object to which that special power is attributed, which gives you the possibility of moving the energies in your favor, whether to attract fortune, luck, health or love. Each of the zodiac signs requires a specific type of amulet or talisman that, together with the influences of your ruling planet, contribute to the reinforcement of positive energy. And thinking about it, we show you the 12 best charms to have and use according to your Zodiac sign.

1. Aquarium: Opal stone


The necklace and earrings set is made of opal and 925 sterling silver. Its measurements are 7mm for the pendant and 5mm for the earrings. The chain measures 18 ″. This item is nickel and varnish free and includes an opal dial as a centerpiece.

Opal is a stone that attracts love; it also symbolizes new beginnings and will power. It is ideal for both girls and women.

Pisces: Amethyst Rock

hese Amethyst Rock Windchimes Handcrafted are beautifully constructed of vibrant and colorful slices, gracefully dangling from a fine line dangling from a hard wood ring for hanging. Perfect for hanging from a tree branch outside, in a window to enjoy the beautiful colors as the sun shines, as well as listen to the soft sound while you sleep if you put it indoors. They make such a beautiful, sparkling and calming sound, and would be the perfect gift for almost everyone!

Amethyst is a stone that favors in all aspects of the user’s life such as love, business, good luck and general health. It is an ideal gift for any occasion.

3. Aries: A key

The product is made of gold and braided brass. It is a key necklace with a crown in the center and the meaning is “Joy”. In Hebrew, it is pronounced “Simcha”. Size is 45 cm / 17.7 “by 3 cm / 1” long.

Try to carry a metal, aluminum, silver or gold key hanging on your chest, so Aries can attract abundance and help you open the doors of success. Your sign seeks success and the key opens your doors.

Taurus: Half moon amulet

The necklace of half Moon is made in silver, it is hypoallergenic and does not darken or fail due to rust. Includes gift bag and special cloth to polish the piece. The necklace measures 20 * 17mm, and the length of the chain is 45cm.

The crescent necklace increases Taurus’ physical and spiritual strength, as well as protecting him from scarcity and misfortune. It is a perfect gift for any special moment.

5. Gemini: Tiger’s Eye

The tiger’s eye earrings have a body made of sterling silver, and are nickel and lead free. They are only 1.25 inches and includes a gift bag made from black velvet.

The eye of the tiger For Gemini it represents integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality and the correct use of power, and also attracts prosperity.

6. Cancer: Lucky frog

The prosperity frog It is made of resin and comes in three colors: red, green, and gold. The amulet measures approximately 3 inches. The coin can be removed and replaced with coins from different countries as seen in the image.

The frog is used to attract luck, wealth and abundance. It can often be seen near cash registers, receptions or offices in eastern countries. Ideal gift for work or home.

7. Leo: The Chinese Dragon Snake

The Chinese dragon statue is sculpted from resin, of the highest quality, with beautiful silver finishes. Plus, it’s the optimal size to display on a shelf or table.

The Chinese Feng Shui snake is your ideal amulet that provides you with fortune and protection in all areas of your life. Also, having a Chinese dragon statue imposes on your home a symbol of power, nobility, and luck.

8. Virgo: Amulet of Turkish eye

The charm of fighting the evil eye is achieved with this unisex Turkish eye amulet, in the colors red, white or blue. Also, it comes with a 19 link silver chain” But also, it comes with a simple string.

Virgo, take with you a Turkish eye or a fish eye that protects from everything negative and it helps you to move forward successfully, without “evil eye” and with open paths in everything you do.

9. Pound – Bracelet with a sun charm:

Gold bracelet, gold plated, which can be adjusted from 2 ″ to 3.5 ″. In addition, it includes three small charms and a radiant gold-painted sun on a pink background, circular in shape with a gold trim.

For Libra, the ideal amulet is a sun charm in bronze, gold or platinum, because with these colors and this shape you will radiate positive energy to go through all the difficult situations that come your way. Libra, I know you don’t like it but remember that difficult situations will always be there.

10. Scorpio – Gold garment:

This bracelet is imported from Italy. with yellow gold links 18kt create an iconic bismark pattern with a shiny polished finish. 1/4 “wide size, and lobster clasp.

If a Scorpio wants luck to accompany him, then he must carry with him a piece of authentic gold jewelry. Not only for its metallic properties and its beauty: gold symbolizes pacts and agreements, love

11 Sagittarius: Natural gemstone amulet

apis lazuli earrings have a sturdy body made of sterling silver; a combination of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. They are nickel and lead free. They are only 1.45 inches long and have a velvet bag.

The lapis lazuli It is a natural gemstone amulet, one of the most powerful stones to attract good luck. Increases the strength of intuition and judgment. Lapis lazuli helps clear the mind, draw inspiration to aid creation, and has the effect of staying calm, reducing momentum, and building confidence.

12. Capricorn – Amulet with birch leaf:

East nice birch leaf amulet, mystical knot and crystal jewel helps attract abundance of auspices, prosperity and good luck in communicating with others, it has a length of 13 cm and a weight of 46.5G.

Capricorn, your ideal amulet is a birch leaf that energetically cleanses your interior and repels bad energies. Also, I think it is time for you to stop that pessimism, the Birch leaf will help you see that the past has already passed with its successes and failures, and the future is huge and with nothing to lose.