We are a few weeks away from starting the Christmas. But even wanting it to come, we get scared of getting fat. The parties we make at Christmas are to be enjoyed and celebrated with food, with family and friends; not to deprive us and suffer. But yes, we must be responsible and maintain control, so that in the new year we do not have to start with regrets and even health problems.

Next, we help you with some tricks and convenient products to avoid gaining those extra pounds that we do not want at Christmas.

1. Increase your physical activity and monitor calories that enter and leave your body:

As we already know that we will eat a little more than normal at Christmas, a good option is to exercise more during the day, before consuming food. This way more calories will enter but you will have already spent them during the exercise. Always carry a calorie monitor with you, so you know everything you gain when you eat, and all you burn when you exercise. One option is this LETSCOM Fitness Tracker watch, with heart rate monitor, smart gym band, waterproof, with step counter, calorie counter, for women and men.

2. Eat healthy snacks or snacks:

Health and nutrition experts recommend eating five meals a day. But beware, this is not about eating everything you want without looking at the calories and nutrients in the food. For this Christmas season, there will be days that you know in advance if you are going to a party at the end of the day, or you will have a lunch from work, etc.

A very healthy trick and practice is that on those days that there will be significant changes in the type of food you are going to eat, during the day or when you have the desire to make a snack, eat a healthy snack so that you can balance the day for the mismatch what will you do next You can try these crispy dried fruits, GMO-free, gluten-free, no added sugar, which come in a variety fruit package.

3. Substitutes of food:

Another trick to avoid gaining weight at Christmas is to use food substitutes during the day. If for example during the day you are going to have a lunch with your coworkers, where each one brings the delicious and high calorie dishes typical of our countries to celebrate, you know that you have to make arrangements for dinner. You will surely consume so many calories during that delicious lunch, that it is better to replace your dinner with a smoothie. He meal replacement for Yes You Can! it is a very good option for that.

This complete meal replacement provides protein, healthy carbohydrates and more than 20 vitamins and essential minerals to help you lose weight in a healthy way, without having to sacrifice flavor. Key ingredients: 20 grams of protein, 15 grams of carbohydrate and over 20 vitamins and minerals.