Screen trends with thin bezels don’t just happen in the smartphone world. This trend also began to spread to the world of laptops and one of them was presented by ASUS through the ZenBook UX433FN.

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The size of the ZenBook UX433FN bezel is only 2.9 mm for the sides of the screen and 3.3 mm for the upper side of the screen. With the size of this thin bezel, ZenBook UX433FN whose screen size is 14 “the laptop is more compact like a 13” laptop.

When compared to the latest generation MacBook Air 13 “, the ZenBook UX433FN has similar size dimensions and even lighter weight.

Although the ZenBook UX433FN has a compact and lightweight form, this laptop still delivers fast performance thanks to the use of hardware components with quite high specifications.

Several times the ZenBook UX433FN laptop was glanced at by people when I used it in a cafe. Maybe because of the effect of the thin bezel or a charming design.

ZenBook UX433FN also looks attractive with its Royal Blue color combined with a smooth golden color that wraps the top of the keyboard and the letters on the keyboard. Initially I did not like the golden line above the keyboard, but the more often I use the laptop I like the design.

The ASUS logo is no longer placed under the screen which is usually too flashy. The logo is now placed in the golden line area and in my opinion the placement of this logo feels much better compared to previous ASUS laptops.

Zenbook UX433FN - Design

Actually, this laptop will appear even more attractive if the promotional stickers Intel, NVIDIA, Energy Star, and HDMI are removed. For me it was just disturbing the view, like a beautiful house adorned by an ad on its wall. Fortunately the sticker can be removed if desired.

When I use ZenBook UX433FN to work in a cafe, several times I see this laptop being glimpsed by some1. There was even one person who asked what ASUS laptop model I used to get rid of his curiosity. Maybe this is the effect of the thin bezel or the design that looks attractive.

The screen size of 14 ″ with 1920 × 1080 resolution is big enough for me to do various jobs on this laptop. The brightness of the screen is quite good even though the quality of the display does not amaze me.

When used outdoors with backlighting, the display on the ZenBook UX433FN screen can still be seen but the screen brightness level needs to be set to the maximum. In addition, the reflection of shadows on the screen is quite disturbing so that this laptop is somewhat less suitable for use if there is strong light from behind.

When the ZenBook UX433FN screen is opened, the laptop will slightly lift up at the edges because the bottom of the screen functions as a laptop holder. This seems to improve the sound quality produced by the speakers, optimize laptop cooling, and make the typing process somewhat more comfortable.

The keyboard on this laptop is well designed. During my typing on this laptop, there were no problems that I found and I felt comfortable when typing. To help type in low-light conditions, a backlit feature is provided on the keyboard.

For the connectivity port, 1 USB 3.1 Type-C slot, 1 USB 3.1 Type-A slot, 1 USB 2.0 Type-A slot, 1 HDMI slot, and 1 MicroSD card reader slot. Quite a complete type of port is available but if you need more than 1 slot for 1 type of port then an additional port adapter will be needed. And it should be noted, charging this laptop does not use a USB C port but it still uses a standard cylinder port.

Zenbook UX433FN - NumberPad

One other thing that makes the ZenBook UX433FN different compared to most other laptops is that there is a touchpad that can also function as a NumberPad.

The NumberPad is integrated into the touchpad and can be activated by touching the NumberPad icon on the touchpad. This additional feature was initially quite interesting, but the reality of using NumberPad was less natural.

There is no physical response when NumberPad is touched so it feels unnatural like when pressing a button on the keyboard. Maybe it’s better if this NumberPad can provide haptic feedback every touch.

The touchpad itself is actually comfortable to use. However … the laptop that I used for this review happened to be rather problematic on the touchpad. Quite often the touchpad “jumps around” by myself when I use it, making it difficult when operating a laptop.

The error on this touchpad I see also occurs for some other ZenBook UX433 users. My temporary solution to overcome this problem is to lock and then unlock the laptop by pressing the power button or restarting the laptop. A bit troublesome indeed.

Zenbook UX433FN - Specs

In terms of performance, ZenBook UX433FN is fast for work needs. Opening productivity-related applications like Microsoft Office, Chrome, and Slack feels fast. Multi tasking using various applications is also smooth thanks to the abundance of available RAM memory.

With fairly high specifications, this laptop can also be used to play games. However, the ZenBook UX433FN is still a bit overwhelmed when used to play games that demand high graphics specifications such as Final Fantasy XV. When I try to play the game with the lowest graphics settings, the performance is still lagging with a small FPS.

The temperature of the laptop is quite normal during my use. I have never felt an abnormal heat when using a laptop. However, when the laptop is used for strenuous activities such as playing games, the fan will sound quite loud.

When used to work in an air-conditioned room with laptop battery mode set to Better Performance and screen brightness at 50%, the ZenBook UX433FN can last for 5 hours 9 minutes from a 100% to 15% battery level with predictions of the remaining laptop use as much as 1 hour.

With the long use of these batteries, the ZenBook UX433FN is arguably quite tough on the battery’s durability. I don’t need to bother looking for electrical plugs when in a cafe to work.

From the speaker side, with collaboration with Harman Kardon, the ZenBook UX433FN can produce sound that is quite fast and the sound quality is maintained at high volumes. For laptop class, the speakers are already of good quality.

Zenbook UX433FN

Seeing what is offered, ZenBook UX433FN is suitable for workers, especially for those who have high mobility and do not want to carry a laptop that is large and heavy but the screen size remains broad. Plus, the performance is fast and the appearance of the laptop is also interesting.

If you want to buy this laptop, my advice is to immediately check the touchpad and if possible directly in the shop by doing various movements. If an error is found, ask for a new unit if it is still in the store or immediately claim the warranty if the item is in hand.