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If you are suffering from the symptoms of menopauseYou urgently need supplements that serve to control them and even improve your mood, libido levels and even to help you lose weight, since these are some of the changes that occur in your body.

At menopause you can retain more fluids, because it is due to the loss of estrogens. With this you can also gain weight, notice very swollen legs, arms and ankles, among others. This in the long run can bring serious problems. If you are just beginning to experience the symptoms of menopause, we recommend these products and supplements that will help prevent you from retaining liquids, feel lighter and better with your body.

1. Bay leaf Organic from Naturevibe Botanicals:

Opt for caffeine-free and diuretic drinks. Unfortunately at menopause everything can cause fluid retention. An alternative is that you consume drinks and diuretic infusions this will help you to urinate constantly and feel light. There are plenty of drinks to help you out like jamaica leaf, bay leaf, parsley, dandelion and more.

You can take this infusion either in hot or cold water, by consuming them frequently you will see how you will feel better and even less bloated. these are bay leaves that will help you make a rich infusion.

2. Supplement Estroven:

Sleep through the night without hot flashes. If you are one of the women who is having trouble sleeping, but it’s more because of the hot flashes and excessive sweating, this supplement It can help you relieve hot flashes, sweats that occur at night, so you can have a complete cycle of sleep. It contains soy isoflavones, melatonin and black cohosh extract.

It is recommended to consume a pill before sleeping, many women have noticed changes in the following weeks, but others have taken longer. This will depend on your body.

3. Powder supplement Benefiber:

Consume fiber to avoid retaining fluids. One of the benefits of fiber is that it helps to cleanse your body completely. Have prebiotics so take care of the digestive system and that you do not retain liquids, go to the bathroom without problems and have a better absorption of nutrients. It is important that you do not abuse its consumption, as it could cause diarrhea. You can combine it with any liquid, such as juice, water or a smoothie.

This fiber powder has 77% satisfaction, if you have any questions about fiber consumption, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

4. Supplement DIM:

DIM supply for 60 days for estrogen balance, hormonal menopause relief, acne treatment, PCOS, and more. This pill is the most popular of Amazon to end the symptoms of menopause, as it is responsible for giving a hormonal balance, relieving hot flashes, mood, improves metabolism to lose weight and is not so complicated, helps to balance estrogens and may even relieve nighttime hot flashes .

Its main ingredient is diindolylmethane, which contains nutrients that can balance estrogen levels, it is obtained from broccoli and cauliflower mainly, making it a natural supplement.