Equip your university dormitory with these products that will make you feel at home.

College life is always busy, with many tasks and responsibilities. That is why the bedroom it becomes our sanctuary; where we can have a moment of tranquility, rest and feel comfortable. The truth is that in order to feel at home in our university dormitory we need to make several improvements, and that is why this time we show you the best and most practical kitchen utensils with which you can equip your room and thus save money and eat at home.

1. Electric grill for paninis

Is a powerful panini grill or to heat any other type of food. It has a non-stick surface and a removable drip and waste tray.

Form easy and quick to prepare your breakfasts. You can improve the quality of a basic sandwich in just minutes and enjoy a delicious snack before going to class.

2. Double deck steamer for food

It is a food steamer with 5 quart capacity, divided into 2 bowls for separate cooking. It also has a 60-minute timer and automatic shutdown at the end of the cycle.

You can prepare vegetable and meat dishes without resorting to the fats and calories in butter and oil. Also, foods that are steamed they retain most of their nutritional content.

3. Machine for quesadillas

It is a machine for quesadillas with non-stick surface It is divided into 6 sections and has a spill-resistant safety cap. Likewise, it comes with power and preheat lights that allow you to keep control during cooking. The package includes recipes.

It is easy to use: just place the tortilla, add the preferred ingredients such as vegetables, meat, cheese or beans in the center and then cover them with another tortilla. And in just 5 minutes it will be ready for you to enjoy your favorite flavors.

4. Pressure cooker programmable

This programmable pressure cooker has a stainless steel construction and a attractive blue LCD screen. Includes a steam rack with handles, soup spoon, serving spoon, measuring cup and recipe book.

It has microprocessors that allow the preparation of different cookings, so you can use it to fry, heat, boil, as a rice cooker or as a steamer. Too it has 10 security mechanisms that prevent the expulsion of steam, maintains odors and automates the way of cooking.

5. Fast mixer stainless steel

It is a stainless steel mixer that is designed with a fast puller blade, a high cup and another short cup; as well as a ring handle, a ring regulator and a flip top.

It is a way of preparing snacks, desserts or fruit smoothies in just seconds. You just have to load your food in the cup and turn the blade to extract all the necessary nutrients.