So you can have peace of mind when you are away from your children …

The safety of your children is the most important thing in your life. And in these times where so many unfortunate events occur everywhere, including schools, it is even more important to have the most control in any situation.

With the return to school, now you have the opportunity so that even if you spend long hours separated from your children, you can know where they are. This is possible with electronic tracking devices. Check out some options below.

1. 4G LTE Mini GPS tracking device in real time:

To put in cars, equipment, valuables, so that children, spouses, and the elderly take it with them. SpyTecGPS is an STI GL300MA tracker with near-perfect 4G coverage and now boasts an impressive 2.5 week battery life, all while maintaining the small size and reliability that is synonymous with SpyTecGPS.

SpyTecGPS is the industry leader in GPS technology. Employs a network of satellites that support coverage of STI GL300MA tracker. Users experience unmatched access and the ability to monitor the tracker from virtually anywhere. It is the TOP 1 best seller in Amazon within its category.

2. Smartwatch for kids, THEMOEMOE GPS:

Kids Tracker Smart Watch with camera calls, SOS button for boys and girls.

Its features include a phone book, talk-back, voice chat, alarm clock, SOS emergency alarm, low-power alarm, remote shutdown, electronic fence, lighting, games, camera, photo album, and stopwatch. Is available in Amazon under $ 35.


Mini GPS Tracker to put in purse, wallet, pocket, school backpack for children, where you have all your important documents.

The size of the mini gps tracker Multifunction is 47mm x 24mm x 18mm. The GPS tracker is designed for use in everything because of its small size. The mini GPS tracker has a strong built-in magnet. Track your position to monitor location and prevent theft or loss of items and / or people.

4. Pack of 5 – Locator GBD Smart Key Finder:

For children, pets, etc. Is a locator and anti lost alarm. It helps you track your belongings with the GPS locator, no matter how far you go. A pin-drop will automatically be marked on the map to show you where your belongings or the person you are looking for are.

Just download the free application that we provide details on your system Android or iOS and you can sync in seconds. Then you can link multiple devices and a variety of distance alert settings that are easy to program and use.