For students of all ages and levels.

For some students the classes have just started, and for others the date is about to start. So it is very important that your children have on hand and arrive equipped on the back to school with everything they need. Take a look at some of the materials and equipment they should have for a more enjoyable semester, and that will help them carry out their tasks more effectively, in less time, and without so many headaches.

1. Digital Alarm Clock With LED display:

East digital clock with alarm clock It has a large 5.5-inch high-contrast screen, which allows you to see the time clearly even when it is away from you.

Designed as a mirror style, its large LED display integrates time display, alarm clock, night mode display, and mirror. You can adjust its brightness so that it does not affect you at night.

2. Samsung tablet with long battery life:

This Samsung tablet It is 10.1 inches and 16 GB and has a 1.6 GHz exynos 7870 octa-core processor. 10.1 ″ wuxga screen, 8Mp rear camera, 2Mp front camera, 2 GB of RAM and Bluetooth profiles.

With it you will have long periods of use, and that is that the music playback time is up to 187 hours, the video playback time is up to 13 hours and the Internet usage time is up to 13 hours.

3. HP 22-inch All-in-One Computer, Intel Core i3-8130U, 4GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, Windows 10:

This beautiful and complete all-in-one PC has storage to meet all the needs of the family and help them do their things. Whether to study, work or play, it is a very attractive design for high performance.

4. Multipurpose smart watch Amerzam:

Available under $ 40. This smart watch has the full screen touch function, it is easy to use and display and is compatible with smart phones Android 4.4 or higher, IOS 8.0 or higher.

It is multifunction since with it you will have phone notifications, SMS, Facebook, Twitter message, heart rate measurement, support tracker, blood oxygen measurement, music control and phone notifications.

5. LED smart table lamp Philips Hue Bloom:

Compatible with Amazon Alexa Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant. Create indirect ambient lighting and highlight the furniture or features in your room. Place it where a power outlet is available. This lamp is ideal for you to control its lighting according to your mood and for when you are studying.

It works with Alexa for voice control. Enjoy your own personal light show, with options of millions of colors and shades of white light, capable of synchronizing your favorite music, movies and games for an improved experience of its use. Available on Amazon for less than $ 60.

6. Wireless printer Canon all-in-one:


Multifunctional printer ideal to locate in any space in your home, bedroom, or office. It has the option of scanning, fax, individual ink system and LCD touch screen.

This all-in-one printer for less than $ 100 has a wide range of options to print your jobs and photos with the highest quality professional resolution.

7. Scientific calculator for all levels:

This scientific calculator Comes with 2 included L1154F batteries with 2 years of use. It features a 2-line display showing input and calculated result at the same time plus a slide-out protective hard case.

With it you easily manage 1 and 2 variable statistical calculations, three angle modes and various scientific notation modes.