Here you will find all the materials your children need …

It is time to prepare for back to school. It doesn’t matter if your children are in elementary school or going to university, they always need school supplies or articles to be able to function efficiently in school and carry out all their tasks. Because of this, in this article I present 6 supply packages for under $ 25, which you can consider so that your children start school on the right foot.

1. School Supply Boxes

Is box contains a pack of 10 Crayola markers, pack of 24 crayons, colored pencils, 3 pots of Elmer pega s glue. Also includes 10 # 2 pencils, erasers, scissors, eraser, sharpener, and a 12-inch ruler. Likewise, with this package you can get two notebooks and a folder with two pockets. The box is priced at 25.95.

2. Multiple

By $ 23.98 You can get 5 Ticonderoga number 2 pencils, 2 blue pens, 2 black pens, 8-piece Swell color pencils, a Sharpie highlighter and two Elmer glue sticks. It also contains two spiral notebooks, a composition book, a loose-leaf ruler packet and two 2-pocket plastic folders.

Similarly, the kit includes a drawstring backpack, 2 erasers, a sharpener, a pair of safety scissors, and a 12-inch ruler.

3. Ferocious Viking

So that your children are ready for the math class you can get this set It includes high quality compass, eraser, sharpener, 6 inch straight ruler with both metric and imperial units, angle protractor, two 30, 45, 60 and 90 degree triangle rulers. The kit also contains two pencils with erasers, a mechanical pencil and a case. The kit has a cost of $ 19.99.

4. Eucatus Best Products and Gifts

Every student needs a notebook to take class notes. East pack of 6 notebooks has a cost of $ 19.99. The notebooks are wide striped and each notebook has 100 pages. The notebooks come in different colors and designs.

5. Prismacolor

East kit with basic accessories for the school it costs $ 9.97. The kit includes 2 permanent markers, 3 fluorescent markers, 6 pens, 1 gel pen, 2 markers, 3 mechanical pencils, and 2 erasers.

6. Backpack set Nickelodeon Y Toy story

If you are looking for a package that includes one you can consider the Toy story and that of Nickelodeon JoJo Siwa. Both Kit brings a backpack, lunch box, water bottle, cartridge case and more than 300 pixar stickers. Each set costs up to $ 23.

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