One of the most important elements for a gamer, In addition to the graphic quality, it is a sound system that is in keeping with the intensity of the game. Sound is an essential part of the experience of immersion what the player wants; that’s why you need to have some good headphones. Here we present two options, so you can choose the best one for you.

The model Bengoo It is characterized by its great compatibility. The headphones are compatible with platforms such as PlayStation 4, PSP, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, PCs, iPads, tablets and smartphones. They also include a neomide controller, acoustic positioning precision and noise isolation; all this gives you an experience of more realistic sound.

These headphones feature a design charming and humanized, which guarantee you a better and more comfortable gaming experience; It is also easy to control the volume level. Moreover headphones Onikuma They are at a low sale price, but this does not mean that they stop giving great sound quality to their users.

The design is given from angled lines that follow the gamer aesthetic. The headband has a system to regulate its height and its steel structure, gives them a lot durability. They include a blue lighting system that adds points to the design, an aspect that has not been neglected despite the low cost.

The pads These headphones are very comfortable and provide a surround sound sensation, perfect to carry the experience of the game to another level. They are very flexible and compatible with any device. his connector cable It includes a knob where you can adjust the sound and mute the microph Below, we show you each one in more detail, in case you still can’t decide.

1. Bengoo Stereo Gaming


It is a primary type of gaming headset that gives you a sound field high quality; This makes the whole immersive experience of the game more intense. Its pads are very comfortable and resistant.

Its design is soft and practical, soft, delicate and comfortable to the touch. The materials with which they are made are not dangerous for the environment; ear muffs reduce the feeling of heat and prevent sweating.

2. Headphones Onikuma Gaming


The sound quality is truly immersive, this makes the experience much more intense for the player. It has a virtual speaker that intensifies the sound effects and its displacement technology allows you to perceive sounds from precise directions.

Count with one advanced design auto static; This makes it possible to reduce the noise current in your ear during battle sequences. Its microphone allows you to be heard clearly by your colleagues.