Do you want to get the best electrical appliances for your kitchen? Get to know the products that are on sale for the week of Black Friday, with discounts of up to 70%. Take advantage of them now!

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1. Electric oven Cuisinart

East small electric oven It is ideal for both toasting bread and chicken cooking due to its rotisserie system. It measures 19 x 21.25 x 14.62 inches, with a capacity of 0.8 cubic feet, which can cook a 12 ”diameter pizza or 6 toasts. In addition, it offers 12 cooking functions and for its current 70% discount, priced at $ 109.99.

2. Electric rotisserie Simple Living Products

If you are a fan of barbecuesBut you don’t have space in your home, so this small 19.68 x 7.5 x 15.74 inch electric rotisserie is ideal. It doesn’t smoke long, your grill can be easily removed for washing and goes up to 446 ° F. For his Great 69% discount, this grill is priced at $ 93.91.

3. Air fryer Holsem

For fry meals in a healthier wayThis Holsem air fryer is perfect, with a capacity of 3.4 QT, measures 11.9 x 12.6 x 13.8 inches and a power of 1,500 Watts. It has tons of features like frying, baking, defrosting and more, and it goes up to a temperature of 400 ° F. With a 50% discount, this fryer is priced at $ 61.94.

4. Electric kettle Ascot

With a power of 1,500 Watts this kettle can heat the water in less than 8 minutes and has a capacity of 1.7 liters. For his current 66% discount, this kettle is priced at $ 37.39.

5. Toaster with 4 slices of Gohyo

With this toaster, you can prepare breakfast for your whole family quickly. With capacity for 4 slices, this toaster can adjust the temperature in each pair of slots and has a power of 1650 Watts. his price is $ 39.99, for your current 33% discount.

6. Egg boiler Maxi-Matic

With this little gadget, you can cook your boiled, poached or other eggs, and you can also make omelette and scrambled eggs thanks to its included accessories. For his 50% discount, this product is priced at $ 12.49 and it is the cheapest in the guide.

7. Ice machine NewAir

If you want to get ready for summer and never run out of ice, then this NewAir machine is perfect. It has a capacity of 50 pounds, 3 forms of ice to choose from and it does it in a time of 7 minutes, ideal for parties or events. Count with one price of $ 215.90, for its 36% discount.

8. Blender Bonsenkitchen

This product has a vacuum function, which guarantees a liquid without bubbles or lumps, and also has a timer. With a power of 1500 Watts, this product has aluminum parts that prevent oxidation. Includes a 50-ounce capacity and a 28-ounce transport cup. Currently, it has a 33% discount and a price $ 199.99.

9. Electric pressure cooker Instant pot

With this electric pressure cooker you can cook all kinds of dishes easily, through its 13 operating modes. It can be controlled via Wi-Fi and also keep your food warm. For his 40% discount, this product is priced at $ 89.99.

10. Processor Hamilton Beach

With 8 modes and 5 different accessories, this processor is very useful for any kitchen and with this you can prepare all kinds of recipes. It has 2 speeds and an on, off and press button. Have a 25% discount at current price of $ 74.99.

11. Processor and blender Pose me

With this product you gain 8 functions in your kitchen, being able to use it as a processor or as a blender. Includes 3 power options: ice, smoothie or soup and various speed levels. Right now they have a 50% discount, with a final price of $ 69.99.

12. Milk warmer Casara

With this product you can heat and froth milk and feel like a barista in your house. It has 4 established modes and the possibility of working hot or cold. For his 29% discount, this product is priced at $ 63.74.

13. Bread machine SKG

With this product, you can have homemade bread at home every day. You can choose from many recipes, 3 sizes of bread and 2 toasts, to create your ideal slice of bread. It has 19 programs, a timer of up to 15 hours and a 34% current discount, priced at $ 59.

14. Individual coffee machine Gloridea

Perfectly sized for the kitchen, bedroom, or office, this coffee maker is compatible with ground coffee as well as Nespresso or K-Cup Pods. For his current 26% discount, priced at $ 47.99