On this Black Friday you can find several discounted products, to repair damaged hair and give it shine, nutrients and strength to recover. In this week of Black Friday we find everything from serums to masks to show off incredible hair. Remember that discounts may vary, as some are for a limited time.

1. L LUSETA: shampoo and conditioner for blond hair

If you have dyed your hair blonde or a very light shade, this shampoo helps to take care of the color and give it nutrients without being abrasive. It has ingredients like coconut oil and other fatty acids that restructure and prevent hair breakage. A shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair, with blonde tones. A product free of sulfates and parabens that It has a final 15% discount.

2. AG Hair: keratin serum to protect hair

The damage to our hair is because natural keratin is damaged. This is a keratin serum that can prevent breakage, take care of heat products, can prevent frizz and help protect your hair, even take care of color. It has keratin, sunflower extract, lavender and calendula. It is recommended to apply on wet hair. Have a 30% discount only for Black Friday.

3. Garnier: set of masks with natural ingredients for damaged hair

One of the most popular masks of this 2019, is this trio of Garnier. It is a set of avocado, papaya and coconut mask. Each mask is responsible for repairing, hydrating and restructuring. The best thing is that they are 1 minute, so you don’t need to be in the shower for long. You can alternate its use during the week, so you can absorb all its nutrients. These masks for damaged hair They have a 30% discount, a super deal being 3 masks.

4. Cliganic: Jojoba Oil to Restructure Hair and Eliminate Damage

This is a jojoba oil that can shine, hydrate, give more elasticity and restructure hair to prevent split ends. Even jojoba oil can improve hair growth, because it stimulates blood flow. You can make a jojoba oil mask or place it only on the tips. It has a 25% discount.

5. AG Hair: mask for a deep treatment with keratin and silk protein

This mask is an intensive treatment for damaged hair, it has keratin, silk protein, and shea butter that can give shine, improve its structure and improve the health of your hair. Being an intensive treatment it is recommended to use for about 20 minutes, cover the hair and put heat with a dryer to intensify its benefits. Have a 50% discount for Black Friday.