Do you want to keep your house always clean? Learn about the best discounts on vacuum cleaners and air purifiers to have an impeccable home at a low price.

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1. Robot vacuum cleaner EcoVacs

In white and with the possibility of being controlled by cell phone, this robot vacuum cleaner can work for up to 110 minutes and then automatically return to its charging base. Currently has a 32% discount with a final price of $ 189.99.

2. Air purifier Levoit

This is an ideal product to eliminate dust, pollen and smoke from your environments, keeping your air very clean. Ideal for people with allergies, this compote purifier has a 25% discount and a price of $ 186.99.

3. Robot vacuum cleaner Bissell

In this robot vacuum cleaner we find a big discount of 43% and a product that can run up to 100 minutes on a single battery charge. It has a remote control and has a final price of $ 169.99.

4. Wireless vacuum cleaner Shark

This is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner, which can be used on floors and also transforms into a handheld device. This type of models is ideal for cleaning every corner of your house and also your car. Currently has a 35% discount and a final price of $ 139.99.

5. Robot vacuum cleaner I life

Another model of robot vacuum cleaner, which works in one of its 4 specific cleaning modes. Includes a remote control to operate it, and with its current discount of 26% is priced at $ 118.99.

6. Air purifier Coway

This product stands out for its design, which keeps the air in your house very clean without ruining your decoration. Due to its compact size in black or white, it simulates being a speaker, adapting to any environment. Have a current discount of 49%, with a final price of $ 116.32.

7. Cordless vacuum cleaner Orfeld

It is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner model, which also includes various accessories to clean different surfaces. It is very light and easy to transport, ideal for cleaning every corner of your house and also of your car. Currently you can find it with a 43% discount and a price of $ 114.30.

8. Dehumidifier Yaufey

An ideal product to reduce humidity, bacteria and bad odors in an environment in your home. This product is widely used in basements, garages, storage rooms and more, with a current discount of 32% and priced at $ 107.99.

9. Cordless vacuum cleaner

This is a cordless floor vacuum, which helps you clean a small or medium home quickly and conveniently. It has a 31% discount and a final price of $ 89.99.

10. 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner Puppyoo

Due to its 2-in-1 functionality and its included accessories, this Puppywoo vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning every corner of your home. It is the cheapest product in the guide, with a current discount of 28% and a price of $ 76.49.