These days of Black Friday Amazon, it puts lightning discounts and even discounts for up to several days.

If you are looking for discount supplements or wanted to buy collagen or biotin, but the prices were beyond your budget, this is the time to take advantage of the prices. We are looking for ideal supplements for women, men and even children. Invest in your health and take advantage of discounts for this Black Friday.

Havasu Nutrition: improve your memory

It improves performance, prevents excess stress and gives you more energy for day-to-day activities. A supplement for men and women.

Original Price: $ 20.94

Sale: $ 17.79

You save: $ 3.15 (15%)

Nature’s Bounty: supplement to take care of the heart

Omega are a protector to the heart, a long-term consumption can prevent heart attacks and cardiovascular and cardiovascular diseases.

Original Price: $ 17.29

Sale: $ 10.13

You save: $ 7.16 (41%)

3. Vita Miracle: take care of the intestinal flora with these probiotics

With 70 billion CFUs, it prevents digestive and urinary diseases. Ideal to prevent stomach problems this December holidays.

Original Price: $ 31.40

Sale: $ 21.99

You save: $ 9.41 (30%)

Amazon Elements: bone care supplements

Calcium and magnesium are minerals that your body needs to protect your bones and joints.

Original Price: $ 14.62

Sale: $ 12.14

You save: $ 2.48 (17%)

5. Nature’s Bounty: biotin for hair growth

Grow your hair and nails with this biotin supplement, it will serve you for several months.


Original Price: $ 16.29

With offer: $ 8.03

You save: $ 8.26 (51%)

6. SmartyPants Vitamins: strengthens the immune system of children

Take care of children from sudden changes in temperature. These gummies are a multivitamin with omega, to protect them from any disease.

Original Price: $ 15.84

With offer: $ 11.09

You save: $ 4.75 (30%)

7. Nature’s Bounty: increases collagen and prevent urinary tract infections

This pomegranate extract prevents urinary infections, as it acts as a cleanser. It has vitamin C to protect your immune system and improve collagen production.

Original Price: $ 22.99

With offer: $ 10.08

You save: $ 12.91 (56%)

8. Neocell: collagen powder to care for cartilage, joints and tissues

Take care of your joints, improve the condition of your skin and prevent wrinkles with collagen powder.

Original Price: $ 23.41

Sale: $ 17.11

You save: $ 6.30 (27%)

9. Havasu Nutrition: detoxify your body

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent detox for purifying your body and can even help you lose weight.

Original Price: $ 18.95

Sale: $ 14.69

You save: $ 4.26 (22%)

10. Codeage: multicollagen in capsules

Collagen in capsules to protect your body from wear and tear and improve its production in your body. Improve your gums, joints, hair and nails.

Original Price: $ 33.99

Sale: $ 27.19

You save: $ 6.80 (20%)