It has uses and benefits as a pain reliever …

For Latinos, there is no miracle remedy that every grandmother has used. Butter of cow is one of them.

Butter of cow It is a remedy that our grandmothers have been using since we were little for pain relief. Our grandmothers and mothers used it for everything, from joint pains, when we were hurt by a fall or a bad blow, when it gave us a severe headache, or bones, anyway, they used it for any pain.

But its use was not only in the past … You still have the opportunity to use it if you need to. Here are some options for products that contain cow’s butter that you can use as an analgesic for pain relief. Remember to give yourself a good massage when applying it!

1. Udder butter Germa:

Udder Plus is an ointment that when applied to the affected area, it heats up and penetrates the skin to function as a pain reliever when you are in pain. For best effectiveness, apply and use when you can leave the affected area quiet with no movement.

2. Udder butter – The little cow:

For external use. Works like temporary relief of muscle pain, joints, back, arthritis and sprains. It comes in a convenient aluminum packaging that you can take anywhere.

3. Butter – THE REINFORCED Udder:

Extra strong ointment For quick temporary relief from minor aches and muscle and joint aches, It also helps for simple back pain, arthritis, strains and sprains.