Increase safety in your car.

Have you ever thought about buying a camera for him dash of your car? Although it may seem like a rare accessory, these cameras are very useful in case of an accident, to have proof of the fact and to make the paperwork with the insurance much easier.

Car accidents happen every day, and even if you think you’re good at the wheel, it can also happen to you. A car security camera can be a great investment to protect you in any unforeseen event. With the video that your camera generates dash, you will always have a backup on what has happened, so you never take the blame wrongly.

As accidents are totally unforeseen, it is a good option to have a camera that can record all your movements and increase safety while driving. See below these 4 featured models of Amazon.

1. Apeman

Dash camera APEMAN / Amazon

In the apeman camera We find a classic design, with a 3 ″ screen on the back and buttons on one side. It is capable of recording at a 170 ° angle, it has a motion detector and night vision. Its filming quality is 1080 pixels and it has a secure suction mount that resists all kinds of shocks.

With more than 7,400 reviews in Amazonthis is the camera best-selling guide and that it is also highly valued by customers. It is priced under $ 50 and customers say it is a high-quality camera, in both day and night scenes, and is great value for money.

2. Apeman mini

Dash mini camera APEMAN / Amazon

With this small Apeman brand cameraWe get a more compact model than the previous one, which takes up less space in your car. Its screen is 2 ″ LCD and like the previous model it has a viewing angle of 170 °, 1080 pixel HD quality and night vision.

For his current 20% discountthis is the camera dash for a cheaper car, priced below $ 40. In AmazonIt is highly valued by customers who mention that it is a high quality model and perfect for small cars.

3. Chortau

Dash Chortau / Amazon camera

From the Chortau brand, this product includes two cameras: one for the front of your car and one to provide a rear view. In the front camera we get a 3 ″ LCD screen and touch buttons on the sides. In addition, you get a small rear camera, both with 1080 HD quality with which you can monitor your car from all angles.

Is Chortau’s camera is priced under $ 50, for which you get two cameras to have a vision of what happens in front and behind your car. In Amazon Customers value this product, which is ideal for recording all kinds of accidents.

4. Peztio

Dash camera Peztio / Amazon

Is tiny car camera by Piztio goes unnoticed, but don’t let its size fool you: it includes a small screen and an S.O.S. in case of emergency on the inside. The quality of this camera is Full HD, includes night vision and also Wifi, that through the application of the brand allows you to see in real time the images of your car and download videos.

The Peztio compact camera has a price that does not exceed $ 55 And it is the best rated model among the 4 in the guide, offering technology, great features and a compact size. In Amazon, customers mention that it is a camera that stands out for its design and innovative features.