Attract good vibes and energy into your life so that you see great changes …

The very popular use of aromatherapy and essential oils has encouraged more and more people to want to use candles and spiritual oils to do rituals of good luck and prosperity. For example, according to many cultures, lighting a candle is a ritualistic act of illuminating your life, when together you make statements for your life.

See below some of the options that you can also use.


This oil It is used when there are immediate financial needs. It is also used by those who simply want to create more financial abundance, wealth, and prosperity. It can be used for any type of ritual that focuses on attracting money. Sold as a curiosity. For external use only.

2. Soy candle – Art of the Root Good Fortune:

Candle for prosperity, blessings, healing and abundance. Good Fortune Soy Spell Candles have all the essential oils and herbs that express the abundant elements of the earth. Each herb in this blend is celebrated for its association with abundance, wealth, blessings, prosperity, healing, and the manifestation of desires.

This Good Fortune Soy Spell Candle includes rose, sandalwood, bay leaf, patchouli, and other related herbs and oils. It has a rich aroma and is made with totally natural soy wax. Comes in an 8 oz glass container. You can simply burn the candle while visualizing your intentions. However, if you want to perform a more elaborate ritual, we suggest that you do the following ceremony. Get some kosher salt, ground cinnamon, and whole cloves and mix. For those of you who have a more magical bent, you can also mix verbena, chamomile, silver coins, and a little rose petals. Take the candle and place it on a round plate. Take your mixture and surround your candle with it. When you’re ready, light the candle and visualize. When the candle is completely burned, take a little salt mixture and sprinkle a little in every corner of your home. Sprinkle a bit through the outside entrance to your front door; Or simply place a little in a container of water and keep it in the center of your home.

3. Indian Oil of Spiritual Anointing:

Uses this spiritual oil Scented Indian Spirit Of Good Luck to use as a magnet to attract money, love, and for good health. The oil can be used for candles, they can be used on the body or to do any type of ritual.

4. Oil luxury for wealth:

Life of Luxury Oil it is a blend dedicated to the rich and mysterious traditions of our European ancestors. Loaded with herbs and oils revered for their ability to aid wealth, abundance, and prosperity, this Life of Luxury Oil includes some truly magnificent ingredients such as the yellow spring, sassafras, verbena, basil, queen of the meadows, acorn, pyrite, and many others.

Although the combination is excellent for prosperity spells, it is often recommended to use this combination while working in any type of new business. It is also ideal for those who want a prosperous business or are eager to advance their career. It can be used for increases, business growth, financial prosperity, and the overall success of goals. It comes in a ½ oz bottle.

Spread some important documents, bank statements or cash in your wallet. Put a few drops of oil in a bowl full of rice and keep it under your bed. Rub a little on your front door or workplace. Rub a little on your business cards, cash register or job applications. Rub a little on your hands before you meet important people or rub a little on the heel of your shoe.