If you are losing hair, the cause may be stress, hormones, or the condition called androgenetic alopecia, a type of alopecia that is very common in adults. To prevent baldness there are a wide variety of specialized products.

Androgenetic alopecia, also known as “common baldness,” is a normal process of aging. Its cause is in the aggressive action of the hormone dihydrotestosterone, which damages the follicles responsible for hair growth. Dihydrotestosterone is related to the hormone testosterone, which is why androgenic alopecia is more common in men. If there are more cases of alopecia in your family and you are also a man, you will probably end up developing it. In the United States alone, androgenetic alopecia affects about 80 million people (50 million men and about 30 million women). In men, the hair falls back from the forehead to the back and even in the crown, in women there is thinning of the hair and loss of hair in the upper area of ​​the scalp, but rarely leads to total baldness.

To prevent this loss mainly linked to age, it is better to start remedying as soon as possible with preventive products, such as those that we share below.

1. Shampoo Biotin:

This is a shampoo ideal for delicate skin since it does not contain chemicals, which also makes it perfect so that dyed hair does not lose color. Maintains hair volume with safe herbal compounds that make this shampoo a perfect product for daily use.

It is also a good natural hair volumizer for men and women. Available in Amazon for less than $ 20. And it is among the Top 25 best sellers.

2. Pure d’or: natural shampoo to prevent alopecia

This shampoo is designed for a continuous and preventive treatment of alopecia. Contains Argan oil, a concentrate of a typical Moroccan tree and used to make traditional ointments.

It is clinically proven to reduce hair loss and you can use it men and women. Available on Amazon for less than $ 25.

3. Amplixin: for healthy hair growth

With a careful combination of selected ingredients, Amplixin prevents hair loss by strengthening it thanks to its compounds such as red clover, biomimetic peptides and caffeine that block the negative effects of dihydrotestosterone horm

Amplixin It is specifically formulated without sulfates or harmful parabens and is completely safe for daily use on all hair types.

4. Biotin Hair: Hair with more volume

Biotin Hair Shampoo It is designed to strengthen the growth of your hair with vitamin B (essential to strengthen the scalp as well as chipped nails or hair loss), aloe vera and cucumber oil.

Its high content in vitamins and minerals prevents and even reverses the effects of early baldness. Its moisturizing effect also helps to combat dry and damaged scalp. It is among the TOP 40 best sellers in Amazon.