Do not spend more money and use the cheapest airlines.

Traveling by plane can be expensive, since sometimes regardless of destination, ticket costs can be expensive. However, there are airlines that offer airline tickets at a more affordable price than others. Because of this, here I present to you the airlines of the United States that generally keep the cost of air tickets low.

1. Spirit

Spirit is one of the cheapest airlines in the United States, since the services they offer are basic. For example in Spirt You can find airline tickets at $ 55 without taxes, thus saving a lot of money when traveling. If you decide to travel with this airline, you should bear in mind that the basic rate does not include a small suitcase, only a personal item such as a wallet or a bag for the computer.

Also, most Spirit planes are small, so you may not have as much space. Snacks and drinks are not included in the rate, they have a cost on the plane of $ 1 to $ 15 dollars. The fees for canceling or modifying tickets are from $ 75 to $ 100. On the other hand, if you want to register a suitcase, at the basic rate, it can cost you $ 30 if it weighs between 41 to 50 pounds, $ 55 if it weighs 51 to 70 pounds and $ 100 if it weighs 71 to 100 pounds.

On the other hand, if you want to save more money you can get the membership of Spirit for $ 9, to get discounts and exclusive offers. For example, with membership you can get airline tickets from $ 25. Although it should be noted that Spirit does not always offer the lowest prices, since depending on the date and destination the prices may vary. However, it never hurts to visit the Spirit website to find out what its best offers are.

2. Delta

In Delta You can find cheap airline tickets if you book your trip in advance. You can buy the cheapest tickets at the basic or economic rate. With this rate you can get free drinks and snacks. However, seats will be assigned after checking in. You can also entertain yourself during the trip, since most planes have televisions to watch movies or programs. With the basic rate you can take a personal item and a suitcase. However, you will not be able to exchange or refund your Basic Economy ticket after the cancellation period without risks.

Depending on the destination you want to visit you can find round trip rates for $ 150. The first suitcase registered in the basic rate has a cost of $ 30 and the second $ 40. If the suitcase weighs between 51 to 70 pounds it will have an extra charge of $ 100. Similarly, Delta charges an extra $ 200 if the suitcase weighs between 71 and 100 pounds.

3. JetBlue

One of the most popular airlines in the United States for offering low prices is JetBlue. In addition to offering low prices, the airline stands out for providing good customer service and comfort. For example, on JetBlue you can get very cheap offers with its basic rate, right now you can find tickets from $ 85.

With the basic rate (Blue) you can carry a hand luggage and a personal item at no cost. Cancellation costs or rate changes are charged from $ 75 to $ 200. On the other hand, if you want to register a suitcase this will cost $ 30 and the second $ 40, if you have the basic rate. However, JetBlue charges an extra $ 150 if the suitcase weighs more than 50 pounds.

The advantages of this airline is that you could travel more comfortably since airplanes have more space between seats. You can also use high-speed Wi-Fi, get snacks and watch movies for free. If you access the website of JetBlue You can find which are the most outstanding travel offers at the moment and the cheapest.

southwest Airlines

If you’re looking for low fares, you might be able to find cheap airline tickets at Southwest Airlines. The airline has a basic fare called Wanna Get Away, with this fare you can find cheap tickets that could start at $ 150, depending on the destination you want to travel to.

The advantage of traveling with Southwest Airlines is that the first two bags you check in fly free, and if you need to change your plans the airline does not charge change fees. On the other hand, if you need to change the itinerary you would only have to pay the difference in fare. Plus, on Southwest Airlines, you can watch live TV, movies, and use free Wi-Fi.