To renew your spirit and feel peace …

In the midst of the chaos of life, it is very necessary that you take out an intimate time for yourself. So that we can have balance and we can recharge our energies, regardless of the religion you practice, listening to songs of Christian music can lift your spirits and help you achieve a time of peace in your life.

If you are looking to have that moment of peace and tranquility in the presence of God, it is always good to accompany him with good music of worship and praise that will lift your faith and your spirits. Here we share a list with the 7 best songs of Christian music of praise and worship, which have marked the lives of many people through time; and whenever we listen to them it transforms us completely for good.

Take a look at these options, and have them available at all times for when you need them. Remember that you can listen to them by “streaming”, “MP3”, and “Audio CD”. You can too subscribe to Amazon Music to enjoy all the music you like unlimited.

1. Worship Collection from Jesus Adrian Romero:

2. With everything (Live) de Hillsong:

3. More Than A Longing from Marcela Gandara:

4. In worship from Marcos Witt:

Surely you are one of those people who love the music…

Naps looking for electronic devices to listen to music both at home, or to take it with you wherever you go, discover the different options available for you to connect with the words and music of praise at any time of your day:

Take them with you everywhere – Bluetooth Active Noise Canceling Headphones:

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To enjoy music at home, CD player – Jensen Wall:

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5. The Air Of Your House from Jesus Adrian Romero:

6. Waste of Love from Alex Campos:


If you want to have everything in one, the phone Razer It is a model that has one of the best loudspeakers with more volume to enjoy good music too.

The quality of the speakers that this Razer phone It is one of its main characteristics, presenting a fairly high stereo sound. The Dolby Atmos processing it has helps make the Razer phone sound strong.

In addition to making calls, you want to use it to listen to your Christian music while cooking or showering; And thus be able to sing at the top of our lungs! It is also recommended to watch series, films, games, and for all kinds of entertainment.

7. What the wind taught me from Third Heaven:

8. From heaven to earth from Marcos Yaroide: