Do you want to find the best technological gifts to surprise this Christmas? In Amazon, you will be able to find very original, innovative and cheap products. Here are 10 ideas for under $ 40.

1. Fire tv

To transform any television into a smart tv, Fire TV is ideal. This Amazon product lets you enjoy tons of content on demand, from the most popular applications like Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, Youtube and more. It connects easily to your TV and with its few buttons remote you can easily navigate between applications. In addition, it has a built-in microphone in your remote control to use Alexa, so It is an ideal gift for people who want a smart home.

With a $ 20 price for your current Black Friday discountThis device is one of the cheapest gifts in the guide. It is also one of the best sellers, with more than 49,000 reviews in Amazon. highlighting its great utility and easy operation, ideal for modernizing any television at home with the Internet.

2. Fire Tablet 7

This tablet Amazon It offers functionality in a compact 7 ”screen size and a low price. The Amazon Fire Tablet model It has 16GB of memory, 1GB of RAM, 2MP cameras and a battery that can last up to 7 hours of use. For its characteristics, this product is an ideal gift for people who want a simple tablet to read, watch videos, listen to music, check email and more.

For Black Friday, this tablet from Amazon is priced at $ 30, being a product with a great price-quality ratio. With more than 8,000 reviews, customers highlight its performance with Alexa and its good performance in relation to its low value.

3. Echo Dot

The Echo Dot It is possibly one of the best-known products from Amazon, with which you can integrate Alexa in any space, with a good quality compact circular speaker. Available in 4 different colors, this speaker allows you to access all the functions of the Alexa virtual assistant and create a smart home.

If you know someone who want to join Alexa at home, so take advantage of the current Echo Dot Black Friday discount, priced at $ 35. It is one of the best-selling products in the guide and in Amazon Clients mention that it is a very functional device at home and with great sound.

Echo Flex

This is another device to add Alexa at home, but it is more Recommended for people who already have an Echo Dot and want to add this virtual assistant to other spaces in the house. With Echo Flex, you can integrate Alexa anywhere in the home that has a free plug. Includes an LED light, a microphone on / off button and two small speakers that let you listen to Alexa.

Echo Flex is priced at $ 25, being one of the cheapest gifts of the guide. In Amazon, customers mention that it is a product with a good price-quality ratio and perfect to complement your other devices with Alexa.

5. Speaker with lights Anker

For music lovers, this speaker from Anker It can be an ideal gift. It is a compact speaker, with dimensions of 3.4 x 2.8 x 5.6 inches and a weight of 1.06 pounds, being an ideal device to always carry on top and anywhere. In addition, it has a IPX7 water resistance, being perfect for outdoors, rain, pools and the beach. As an original detail, its base has 8-color lights and its battery can last up to 12 hours.

This Anker device has a current discount of 20%, which makes it have priced at $ 40 on Amazon. Due to its characteristics, it is a very versatile speaker and an ideal gift for anyone looking for a product that they can always carry and use in different environments. Customers mention that it is a speaker with quality manufacturing and very good sound.

6. Speaker for shower VicTsing

From the VicTsing brand, this is a compact speaker designed for use in the shower, for its IPX5 resistance to water and its design with suction cup, to put it anywhere. Its battery can last up to 6 hours and has 5W speakers. Your connection bluetooth It works properly up to 33 feet away and has a top hook in case you want to hang it or take it with you.

A ideal gift for people who love to sing in the shower at full volume. This speaker is one of the cheapest gifts, priced at $ 20 and available in 4 different colors. In Amazon, is highly valued by the clients who mention

7. Smart watch Letscom

A smart watch is an ideal gift for people who want to always be connected and not miss any cell phone notification. With this Letscom model, you can see all your cell phone notifications on its 1.3 ”touch screen and also control your physical activity, such as your steps, heart rate, and also control your hours of sleep.

In Amazon, we find this smartwatch for a price of $ 36. It is highly valued by customers for its good value for money and they mention that it is a stylish watch, very comfortable and easy to connect with any cell phone via bluetooth.

8. Wireless headphones Skullcandy

For those who want to listen to music everywhere with more freedom, the Skullcandy wireless headphones they are a good gift. They connect with bluetooth to any device, they have a headband with a padded part and that can be adjusted to your head, and it has 3 buttons on the outside to control the volume and take calls.

This product has a $ 34 price on Amazon, with positive customer evaluations. They claim that their battery has a good duration of about 10 hours, they are very comfortable for the ears and the sound quality is also very good.

9. Multiple charging base Qi-Eu

This is a ideal gift for that technological person who has everything: a charging base for your cell phone, smartwatch, wireless headphones and touch pen. This Qi-Eu product can charge any compatible wireless charging cell phone, an iWatch, a pair of AirPods and an Apple stylus. It supports fast charging up to 10W and has a 12-month warranty from the brand.

With a $ 33 price on AmazonThis multi charger is ideal for people who have everything, providing a very functional and space-saving charging station, ideal for the office for example. Customers mention that it is a well-functioning product that can be folded and is easy to transport.

10. External battery and hard drive for your cell phone SanDisk

Of the brand SanDisk, this is another very original gift for the tech lover. It is a wireless charger that at the same time that charges the battery of your cell phone, makes a backup of all your files and photos. With a 64GB internal memory, this device is ideal to take on vacation for example, and always keep your cell phone with available space, as well as with the batteries charged.

With a price of $ 31 for your current discount, this SanDisk product works with cell phones iPhone and it has a fast charge of 15W. In Amazon, customers mention that it is a very functional and easy to use device. Also, an SD card up to 256GB can be added to increase memory.