A garment with designs that reflect all the joy of Christmas.

In Christmas one of the most important things is to always surround ourselves with decorations or elements that remind us of the true purpose of these festivities: to convey a message of hope and love. And that’s why when we talk about Christmas decorations, the sky is the limit and we have the opportunity to renew ourselves every year with the best and most striking accessories. In addition to the spheres, garlands and lights, it is also important to choose a tree skirt like the ones we show you below, and that you can get for less than $ 30.

1. Tree skirt with snowmen

This double layer skirt has three closures Velcro and polyethylene lining. It has a one-sided design that includes eight snowmen and eight Christmas pines. It is made of synthetic leather and has a dimension of 48 inches.

This accessory can not only be used for Christmas night, but can also be used throughout the winter. It offers a elegant design, warm, soft and very classic of the Christmas tradition.

2. Burgundy woven with luxurious design

This luxurious skirt features a weaving technique unique with three ties that secure the piece to the tree. It has a rustic thick knit cable that allows it to be secured to the base and the skirt is burgundy.

Ideal for trees 5 to 8 feet tall. It is a product that will bring distinction to your decoration thanks to its materials that make it thick and robust, soft and warm. The burgundy color is closely related to the Christmas festivities so it gives contrast to any design.

3. Doormat skirt with cotton linen

A 1.2 meter long double-layered skirt that is crafted from cotton linen synthetic leather. A white accessory with a modern and elegant style that resembles the fur of a polar bear or snow.

To have a style of romantic feelingThis piece is ideal for a Christmas tree 5 to 8 feet high and although it has a somewhat rustic appearance, it is distinguished as a unique, luxurious and elegant product.

4. Velvet skirt with Snowflake

Made of double-layer polyester material, it is a burlap skirt and synthetic leather that is conceived in a luxurious and traditional style. An oversized ornament that is mercerized in velvet in red and white.

This skirt provides the opportunity to fit into any home design, as it shows elegance and a traditional style of the Christmas. It fits perfectly with any Christmas tree thanks to its simplicity and versatility.

5. Fabric textured cream colour

Cream-colored skirt made with heavy polyester thread bonded with weaving techniques that give it a textured finish. A thick, rustic piece of yarn that features a unique and uniform design.

This round skirt with embroidery is resistant and soft, it also has a unique appeal and warm to harmonize with the rest of your Christmas decoration. Fits any Christmas tree.

6. Checkered fabric with embroidered reindeer

Made of polyester, this 1.2 meter diameter multicolour skirt has a classic and traditional design with hook and loop. Its design is of squares and black reindeer placed with a rustic embroidery craft brown in color.

This product is long lasting and its embroidery is fluffy giving a clear relief to the entire design. It is tree adjustable and perfect for indoor and outdoor use thanks to its traditional style appeal.

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