If you still haven’t thought about what to buy for that special woman in your life, a Christmas gift that will always work is a perfume for women. To avoid the problem of which will be the favorite, the best are the perfume sets, since it is from a specific brand and there are several scents. These sets are perfumes with small samples, this will help you, because if that special woman loved a scent, you know what to buy on her next birthday.

1. Elizabeth Arden: the 4 best perfumes of the brand

This is a set with the best perfumes by Elizabeth Arden. My Fifth Avenue, Red Door, White Tea and Green Tea. The 4 women’s perfumes smell very different. For a cool day without a doubt Green Tea, for an elegant night My 5th Avenue, but if it is a romantic date Red Door. White Tea is a very soft but charming perfume.

This set of perfumes is worth $ 32.50 dollars. Is a amazing gift for women mature and even for young women.

2. Gucci: 4 perfumes to use on a starry night or summer

A set for women who love luxury, this is a set of 4 perfumes. 2 from the Gucci Bloom line, one from Gucci Guilty and finally one from Gucci Bamboo. Its packaging are icons of the brand, and also have an aroma that reflects confidence and femininity. Gucci Guilty has notes of peach, patchouli, amber and tangerine. Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori is a fresh scent.

Gucci Bloom has a floral scent, ideal for those sunny days. And, the Gucci Bamboo has notes of amber, sandalwood, yilan-ylang and a tangerine scent. A set of luxury perfumes ideal for a gift.

3. Clinique: for women its aroma is floral

This is a set of 3 perfumes from the Clinique brand, soPerfect for taking them anywhere place. Whether in the bag or on the go. Its main notes are bergamot, grapefruit, hyacinth, tangerines and green notes. Each perfume has a special aroma, but all with a very floral trend.

If you have one daughter or niece in her 20s, this set of perfumes is an excellent gift. Its price is $ 27 dollars. Ideal for smelling good all day and night.

4. Nina Ricci: scents for each type of season

A set of the Nina Ricci brand that Includes 5 perfumes. L’Extase Eau De Parfum, Nina Eau De Toilette, Mademoiselle Ricci Eau De Parfum, L’air Du Temps Eau De Toilette Mini Splash and Nina L’eau Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette. They have floral, fruit and citrus aromas, ideal for use on a school or work day and even on a family outing. These perfumes for women are one of the most popular for sale by Nina Ricci.

Remember that being a set of perfumes, they are small sizes. This set of perfumes for women has a value of $ 36 dollars.