Coronavirus has become a silent, deadly disease and to cope with it, it has been necessary to keep us indoors to prevent the spread and spread of infections. Experts have mentioned that in addition to the closeness between people, this virus can also be transmitted by contact with contaminated surfaces and objects that we constantly use and touch. For this reason it is essential to maintain good hygiene within the home. As an extra measure of disease control, check out some of the products to disinfect your home.

1. Steam cleaner pressurized:

This steam cleaner PurSteam Hand Pressurized is an efficient, easy-to-use tool for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, with a 9.8-foot cord to perform work in internal and external areas. It has a lightweight, portable and very comfortable design so that you dedicate yourself with great skill to cleaning and maintaining your home or office, with the quick heating system that it integrates. This steam cleaner comes with various accessories for multiple use.

With this tool you can dedicate yourself with a lot of lightness and versatility to cleaning your home, both internally and externally, as well as in your car, furniture, tiles, among other range of surfaces where germs form. Its heating system is extremely easy and fast, in just three or four minutes you will have enough steam pressure to clean and disinfect the chosen area.

2. Multipurpose cleaning kit Jaws:

Kit of ecological cleaning products. Includes empty spray bottles and 2 fillers each, including glass cleaner, kitchen degreaser, shower cleaner, and wood floor cleaner.

Fill the reusable spray bottles with water, insert a super concentrated cleaning cartridge, mix and you will have all the products you need to clean your home without causing damage to the environment.

3. Liquid soap for Ettore Squeegee deep cleaning:

A liquid soap It has been formulated to dissolve the most difficult grease and dirt without making much effort. This product is free of chemicals harmful to health and the environment.

This soap will be a great support when cleaning your windows and glass, since it leaves it totally shiny without affecting its surface.

4. Deep cleaning equipment of the bathroon:

Is a cleaning system It has 6 sponges filled with a concentrated cleaner that works when it comes into contact with the surface of the toilet. This product is designed to remove stains, odors and germs.

Its hexagon-shaped sponges allow you to clean and disinfect even the most difficult to reach areas, without having to put your hands in the toilet.