Comfortable and light clothing to enjoy your daily stretching session.

The yoga They have become one of the disciplines that have rapidly acquired a large number of enthusiasts and followers, this is because in addition to improving the physical condition of the practitioners, it also allows them to improve their mental and emotional state. To execute the exercises of this discipline it is important to have comfortable clothes that allows you to easily perform every posture and movement. That is why below we show you some options of yoga clothes that you will love to have.

1. Pants with loose fit


This is a solid color pants characterized by its design of elastic waist, low crotch and wide leg. The length of these baggy pants is long and is equipped with two side pockets.

You can combine them with t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, blouses or any other of your sportswear favorites. These pants are perfect to accompany you daily in any stretching routine.

2. Garment sporty with mesh


This is an open back t-shirt that features cool, soft mesh fabric. Its fabric is very soft, breathable, easy maintenance, comfortable to wear, beautiful and ideal for practicing disciplines such as yoga.

You can use it open or tie its ends to create a more modern touch, sexy and sporty. It is a great option to combine with leggings or baggy pants.

3. Design of wide leg


They are pants with a classic design print with floral patterns, the piece is high waist and elastic with high leg. It is made with soft fabrics and its loose shape makes them a practical and comfortable option.

Their comfortable design allows you to carry them in any season and use them for your yoga practices, calisthenics or stretching routines. They are ideal to combine with shirts, blouses, tops or any garment of your preference.

4. T-shirt training


It has a sexy cross back design with wide sleeves for the arms that allows total freedom of movement so that in this way you can enjoy your training routines.

A super garment soft and elastic It has a design that also makes it comfortable and fresh. You can combine it perfectly with pants, leggings or shorts.

5. Elastic pants tracksuit


They are pants modern style They have a long and loose cut whose lengths allow you to cover the entire leg up to the ankles. Made with a soft and flexible fabric that adjusts comfortably to the silhouette.

It gives you a more appearance simple and comfortable that can adapt to the clothes you wear in your day to day. Its exclusive design is perfectly adapted to the lifestyle of people who perform low impact sports such as yoga or stretching routines.