Kava is a plant that serves as an anxiolytic, sedative, and natural muscle relaxant. There are 2 ways to consume it as in kava tea form which is the most popular form or in capsules. Kava tea is very strong for some people, but there is always a way to sweeten it. It is a supplement to better manage stress, anxiety and to sleep better.

1. Gaia herbs: kava capsules to relieve stress and sleep better

For the days when you feel very tired or under maximum stress, kava helps to relax and calm. It is a plant that with regular consumption you will notice how after consuming it you feel calm and ready to sleep. Acts as a natural sedative, which relaxes you without making you feel anxious.

If you are going to consume it at night, it is important that consume it on a full stomach, Well, some people with a sensitive stomach have noticed that it irritates them. So take it into consideration.

2. Wakacon: kava tea a natural anxiolytic for moments of anxiety

If you have anxiety problems, kava tea can be an excellent supplement. What it does is that it helps to relax the muscles, so that you do not feel a tension in your body and it is a natural anxiolytic. So if you have moments that you feel distressed or very worried, consuming a kava tea can help you calm and clear your mind.

The flavor of kava tea can be very strong, so it is ideal to sweeten it with coconut sugar, monk fruit or some natural sweetener. To make kava tea you need a mesh where you need to strain it and then consume it immediately.

3. Kavana Supplements: kava can help you sleep through menopause and calm stress

Kava can be an excellent supplement for menopause, as it is a muscle relaxant for those times when you can have insomnia. The best thing is that it doesn’t make you addicted and it is a natural product. If you have a lot of stress or anxiety problems it will be of great support.

Kava can be consumed at any age, but if you have any questions or are already consuming another supplement, do not forget to consult your doctor. This is 60 capsules, which will serve up to 2 months.