On a trip, we always want to have the best souvenir photos and videos. If you travel alone or accompanied, surely it has been difficult for you to have to ask someone to take photos of you and they are as you wanted. The solution to this problem is to have a compact tripod that allows you to take spectacular landscape photos, of yourself or in a group.

1. Selfie stick and tripod Erligpowht

East tripod It stands out for also working as selfie stick to take the best group photos. It has a cell phone holder that can extend up to 3.15 inches, adapting to different models and that rotates in 225 degrees. As a differential, it also includes a remote control that is stored on the same tripod and a mirror on the back of the support, to be able to use the rear camera of the cell ph

For price of $ 14.99 This tripod performs several different functions, allowing you to create the best photos and videos on your vacation. With a compact size that fits in one hand and weighs approximately 4.6 ounces, it is an ideal tripod to carry in any bag or backpack.

2. Tripod at different heights of BZE

With a extension up to 40 inches high at maximum height, the BZE tripod It measures 8 inches when folded and weighs just 7.05 ounces, making it a very flexible and portable tripod. It also includes a remote control that is connected by bluetooth And it can take photos and videos, which is stored in the tripod base and is rechargeable.

his price is $ 12.99, This is the cheapest tripod from the list, but no less functional. In addition to being able to use it with cell phones up to 4.13 inches wide, this tripod includes the GoPro camera adapter.

3. Mini tripod UBeesize

A simple and functional model, which thanks to its flexible OCTOPUS-type legs allows grip almost anywhere. This is a compact tripod, which adapts to different situations on your vacation, you can place it on the floor, hang it on a branch and even transform it into a stand for your tablet. Includes a remote control that only takes photos and works with both iOs or Android.

This is the best selling cell phone tripod, with a price of $ 13.98 and a positive rating of 4.2 stars. It supports cell phones up to 3.75 inches wide, includes a GoPro camera adapter and also works with digital cameras. According to customers in AmazonIt is a very functional and portable tripod, due to its small size of 10 inches.

4. 3-in-1 tripod Appolab

Similar to the first product on the list, this appolab tripod works as a compact tripod, like selfie stick and includes a remote control with battery. Folded, this accessory is 7.64 inches long and can extend up to 27.6 inches. The stand extends to hold cell phones up to 3.15 inches wide and rotates 225 degrees.

It is the best rated tripod from the list, with 4.8 stars and a price of $ 14.99. In addition to a remote control with a single button to take photos, it includes a mirror on the back to see what the camera is pointing at. Customers in Amazon They highlight that it is a very functional and easy to use tripod, ideal to always carry with you.

5. Brand aluminum tripod Digiant

With a much more professional and aluminum construction, this Digiant tripod It stands out for its functionality and the possibility of adapting it to different positions. It can go up to 50 inches tall and folded measures 23 inches, which although not very compact in reference to the other models, does include distinctive features. For example, it has pieces that hold the legs of the tripod so that it does not open, it has a rotating handle to be able to use the cell phone horizontally or vertically and also a spirit level to know if the device is straight.

For price of $ 13.79 can you get a very professional tripod, but also compact. It works with all types of cell phones up to 3.5 inches wide and also with digital cameras, weighing up to 2.2 pounds. Includes a carry bag and weighs 0.95 pounds.